Stepped up in the party like my name was “that b***h”

((listen)) ahah song makes me laugh xD Speaking of my previous post and some practically FREE things from Paperdoll – thanks to Zoey Gabardini I was able to bring the following items to your attention \o/  Also as I wandered about Dernier Cri – I saw this caute hair that really, it sways and moves with each sway of your hips lmao – seriously its greatly textured – and comes in many colors of the main color you want due to a special Hud the hair came with – Thanks Asuka!  On another note, incase you have been buried in a hole somewhere – PM gave away their 800L Lady T’s in Jaguar :O!!!  GROUP GIFT = FREE so make sure to head down there pronto!

PICTURE BOMB courtesy of my baby static xD lmao

• DRESS – -paper.doll- Madison: Black ((Zoey Gabardini))
• SCARF – -paper.doll- Draped: Sheer/Muted ((Zoey Gabardini))
• GLOVES – :: YaYo :: – I ❤ You Handwriting Tattoo ((Brandi Monroe))
• NECKLACE – [MANDALA]Kagetora necklace/BLACK/Female ((kikunosuke Eel))
• MAKEUP – {paper.doll} LostSoul-MakeUp04 ((PREVIOUS HUNT))
• HEELS – [PM]Pixel Mode- Group Gift – Lady T – Jaguar ((Tya Fallingbridge)) FREE!
• HAIR – (Dernier Cri) Taylor – Black and Grey Shades ((Asuka Martin))



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