Everyone I thought I count on, has let me die.

Everyone I thought I could lean on, Has made me cry.
Everytime I close my eyes there’s nothing there.
Feeling empty is all I have left, There’s nothing else to bare.

((listen)) The most awesome Mstyle released some additional colors to its RIVEA shoe line :Q___ they are as perfect as all the others, with an attachable hud, you are easily able to change skin tones to fit your avatar perfectly.

•SHIRT –  ISON – shoulderless cropped sweater (black)
•SKIRT *T.Whore*– Chaotic Skirt Zebra
• SKIN (AMD) Ziyi – Pale – Earthy 4 NEW!
• SHAPE ::[annaA]:: – Body Shape “Darling”
• COLLAR (r)M ~ Studded Collar (No.03)
• NECKLACE MB Style – Bullet necklace
• BRACELETS ~Pepper~ Collar Cuff BLACK
• HORNS Illusions *~*Aries Horns
• UNDER SHIRT *T.Whore*– Summer Dress White
SHOES Mstyle RIVEA Pumps – Black NEW!
• HAIR::Exile:: Nina: Naturals




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