Currently we are looking for bloggers and designers for the PERFECT WARDROBE EVENT at the Toxic Shock sim.  If you are interested please see the information below and contact accordingly 🙂

Perfect Wardrobe @ Toxic Shock


Hello and Thank you for taking the time to read this personal invitation.

Highlights of Perfect Wardrobe

* Bi Weekly event (2x in a month)
* Themed Bi Weekly Event (we’ll provide details of theme and provide plenty of time for your creative thought in your item. (i.e. color, movie, animal, etc)
* Set Prices (this will change but typically will be within 70-100L)
* Event is obviously FREE for all designers 🙂

We have taken great pride in creating our event and would love if you stop by and took a look at what we have accomplished.

* A public group joiner so customers may join and get updates on new rounds.
* Bloggers will be set up in designer group and items will be asked to be placed from designers in the group so we may Market/Blog the event accordingly.

* We have 6 advertising boards available at the event – if you visit the venue you will note the spaces above the vendor ads. Prices are 100L/per week.
* We are looking to begin the event within a two week period
* The first theme will be FALL

If you are interested in participating – Please Contact the following by Notecard (or IM if one of us are online) and we will return your request as quickly as possible.

Whisper Mizin
Lapik Perlman
Cozette Cassady – Event Manager


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