Perfect Wardrobe New Session OPEN!

The Perfect Wardrobe event which is held at the Toxic Shock sim has a new round beginning now – below are some (not all) of the available items for you @90L


3 comments on “Perfect Wardrobe New Session OPEN!

  1. I love Perfect Wardrobe it’s amazing! The only downfall (like many discount stores) is that skin designers often only have one skin tone as their discount. This skin tone is normally white. As an African American girl (rl and sl), I turn down most discount skins as beautiful as they are because they just aren’t me. It would be great if skin designers offered the same skin in at LEAST three tones (light, medium, dark); even if they are sold separately at the same discount price. I feel so left out at most discount stores/weekly discount shopping, and I am sure others feel the same way. My boyfriend’s preferred skin brand is Sorry Asia, yet he turned down the one at PW because there isn’t a dark tone. Perhaps skin designers can think this over. 😉

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