Rack City Chick!

((listen)) 10 10 10 20s and a 50 bitch! lawl – badass song 😛  Chenyways on with the newness – [NV] released a new set of mesh pants available in semi animalistic textures or monotones, I loves me of both but I chose monotones (i.e. black) ACTION released this new tank that has a HUD with it, see below for further information, this is something you have to see.

[e] released a new hair, now I must warn you I had a noob moment and thought I could NOT change the color of the clip.  If you click the package, your hud will not come to you for some reason – you must “open” the package to recieve the hud that can color the lil hair clips on this mesh hair ^^  dont be noob like me and cry into plurk that your [e] hair is broken xD lol Anyways all I hope you enjoy this look, Im not sure I want to change, its totally adorable ❤

Rack City Chick

Rack City Chick



• POSES Ploom – Upper

• SHIRT Action Womens Heat Wave Tank NEW!
[NV] Tulip Baggy -Black- NEW!
• BELT ~Pepper~ Brass Knuckle Belt
• NAILS/RING …::Scrub:::.. Supreme Nails
• CUFF *Urbanity* Ha! O-Ring Cuffs Black/Red
• NECKLACE ~Pepper~ Brass Knuckle Necklace
• GLOVES [GLUE INK] Ree Gloves (black sheer)
• TATTOO[GLUE INK] *~Infinitas- To No End~*
• GLASSES[ JP ]:dsg. Shades-Tiger 01 *MESH*
• EYES .ID. Mirror/Hazel Eyes
• SHOES [PM] Pixel Mode : Baby T’s – Plain – Blood
• SKIN-Belleza- Lily Deep Tan
• HAIR [e] Return – Essentials Collection NEW!

As I was describing above – Action released a new tank top but this tank top is unlike any I’ve seen thus far with mesh items.  Everyones releasing this tank BUT action is the only one I’ve seen to include a HUD so you can change the texture of the hud to multiple looks :o!  Really awesome, check out the HUD below.



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