You own my heart he’s just renting

((listen)) /me waves rapidly – oh man, Im so excited to show off these new Insufferable Dastard eyes that will be available at the Mens Dept – scroll down below for pics and further info (you wont regret it).  PAPER.DOLL released a new dress for the Stumblebum Event you can find at the mainstore – the good thing about these dresses is the skirt part comes in either a Mesh Piece or a sculpted piece, I’m aware some of you still dont have mesh viewers (but you better hurry up and get yours now xP) GOSSAMER released a cuteseh necklace, which goes with any colorful ensemble you have really – you can pair it with a tiny lil chain that comes also in the same pack.  ACTION released the hair I’m wearing below a few weeks back, I thought it matched perfectly with todays look.

Until this weekend darlings – sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite ❤

You own my heart he's just renting

You own my heart he's just renting


• POSES Label Motion – FREE POSES! (at front of store)

• DRESS -paper.doll– Ellie: HotPink – Stumblebum NEW!
[AddiCt]-NORA Jeans L/Denim
• NECKLACE MG – Necklace – Lost Eden – Solar Dream – NEW!
• BELT *League* Tassles Necklace & Crochet Belt
• RINGS MG – Necklace – Giselle Opal Set – BLACK
• BRACELETS *League* Wanderer Jewellery Set
• TEETHIzzie’s – Teeth Set
• NAILS – Izzie’s – Classic Nails Spring/Summer
• PURSEIzzie’s – Leona Bag pink
• EYES–.ID. Deep Colors / @Mens Dept (June 7th)
• SHOES ANEXX_TasselSuedeBooties_Brown
• SKIN – [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Baba2 ] @CHIC 2 (opens June 3rd)
• HAIR Action Womens Hair Alexis – Dream NEW!

Honestly I am still star struck by these eyes – I am in love with all of them, if I had to choose okay fine GUNMETAL is my *.* There are various colors in this pack and it will only be available at this sessions Mens Dept which opens June 7th!

Insufferable Dastard - Mens Dept

TP TO MENS DEPT (Begins June 7th)


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