I know many of you are like – what the heck are you talking about Whisper!?!!!? Booshtopia?? what is this you speak of! ahahah – well to be honest with you I’ve not heard of it myself until I was handed these cute, well sculpted lil buggers.  Booshtopia is a land where you can find BOOSHIES, which is a new breedable pet on the market.  Now – before you get all OMGAH, please listen lol – Booshies are now taking PRE ORDERS on the breedables – and when they are officially “open” you will get your pack (further information is in the NC they provide you upon purchase).

Please visit the BOOSHIES blog for more infos on the new breedables, Im really excited myself and bought me a pre-order :3 cant wait.  Until the release date though you are able to try your luck at theGatcha machines – collectible Lil’PetZ are now in Gatcha machines in Menchy’s Goods Galore in Booshtopia.  They are L$100 with a 5% chance for the two rare of the six varieties.  These are limited edition – enjoy while they last! The Gatcha versions are of course no copy but trans and u are able to trade with others in the forum

As for fashoin newness – check out this second new hair release from CATWA *.* /me squeals its perfect and gorgeous!  Another new release would be GAWKS new neckholder dresses releases specifically over at Fashion Voodoo event, they come in many colors and styles of your choosing.  GOSSAMER has some 88L specials over at COLLAB incase you havent been yet, but this WING set im wearing includes necklaces and earrings in both gold and/or silver.





 • POSES -.label motion.- Noel Poses

• DRESS – Gawk! White Neckholder-Longtop @FashionVoodoo
[AddiCt]-NORA Jeans L/Denim
• NECKLACE –MG – Necklace – Angel Wings Jewelled – @Collab88
• BRACELETS –{me.} I love NERD Bracelet @PW!
• BELT Nyte’N’Day Accessories – Ginger Belt – Brown
• EARRINGS –MG – Necklace – Angel Wings Jewelled – @Collab88
• BOOSHIES Booshies – Lil’PetZ NEW!
• EYES .ID. Mirror/Hazel Eyes
• SHAPE .:: Delusions ::. Christina Shape
• SHOES Slink Aussie Thongs White
• SKINDeeTaleZ Skin Gaby
^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Bella HairStyle NEW!


little collectible animated wearables 100L Gatcha Machine

Wearables - Booshies




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