I’m never gonna be your sweet, sweet surrender

((listen)) well hey again guys! See I told you I was gonna make up for last time lol I took half the day to take pics and the other half to blog  it was actually not as bad as I thought it was gonna be heh!  Okay so this new hair by TRUTH is beyond cute, its a mesh style with side swiped bangs that has a side shoulder pony tail.  GOSSAMER Jewelry released a new set of necklaces and earrings/bracelets over at this round of FAMESHED – both earrings and bracelets as well as the necklaces are color changing metals (4 different metal options), now if you’re attempting to grab a hold of your necklace, i found that the very middle of the necklace on the very bottom will do the trick 🙂  The necklace comes with several options also including color changing and different amount of strands available.

I’m posting this dress VILLENA released a lil late, i know but non the less I really wanted to blog it cause its wonderful created and textured.  Lastly N-CORE released TRIUMPH this time with several color options.  As you may remember Triumph was released during the GALA fundraiser a few months ago, but it was only one color released so now you have all color options for the lovely heel.  Check out the pics below!

I'm never gonna be your sweet, sweet surrender

I'm never gonna be your sweet, sweet surrender


• POSES.ploom. Poses – Backspacer & Behave

• DRESS.:villena:. – high waisted Misfits NEW!
– MG – Earrings – Barcelona @FAMESHED!
• NECKLACE –MG – Necklace – Barcelona @FAMESHED!
• NAILS Izzie’s – French Nails
• BELT ~Pepper~  Spike Belt
• TEETH Izzie’s – Teeth Set
• EYES .ID.   August Gift FREE!
• SKINDeetalez Skin Kiddo No. 6 caramel
– >TRUTH< Tristana –  black & whites NEW!

N-Core Triumph

N-Core Triumph



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