I’ve never been perfect but neither have you

((listen)) Oh Hai Guys /me waves – I know its been a few but these days dears, its been time for me to act like a grown up and work my lil heart out, so forgive me.  But today I promise to make it up to you as I have four, yes FOUR different styles to show you.  Lets start off with this round of fameshed which WASABI PILLS created this adorable short bob mesh hairstyle, the cute lil side pins are color changing as the style comes equipped with a hud that allows you to change the pin color and resize if necessary.

PLOOM released a new set of poses called SEETHRU which offers six new poses Curvy or normal frame. VILLENA has been all sorts of busy lately and created this new awesome mesh shirt which comes in several colors and graphics – both for male and female.  I paid the outfit up with Deetalez skin from a while back cause I LOVE THIS SKIN lol and every gal needs it 😛 Lastly lets talk GSP where the amazing INSUFFERABLE DASTARD is releasing a new set of “Mutant” eyes, which come in three separate tones – see below for deetz and more pics.

I've never been perfect but neither have you

I've never been perfect but neither have you


• POSES.ploom. Poses – SeeThru NEW!

• SHIRT.:villena:. – jumper pink NEW!
*Epic* Sho-Low Ripped Rolled Up Capris
• BANDAID **Coral Chic** bandaid pack 1
• NAILS Izzie’s – Metallic Gradient Nails
• TEETH Izzie’s – Teeth Set
• EYES .ID.  Mutant Eyes @GSP!
• SHOES [ JP ]:dsg. Sneaker Supreme
• SKINDeeTaleZ Skin Kiddo No. 3 caramel
– /Wasabi Pills/ Noriko Mesh Hair @Fameshed

Insufferable Dastard @GSP



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