We are at the end, no more stupid lies

((listen)) <—- WOW a friend handed me this song and just WOOOOW this is so perfect! So you MUST and when I say MUST, you must listen.  Onto fashion, my lil fashionistas – [NV] released a new dress set, they come with the option of either lace or no lace and I will say they are absolutely kinda awesome only thing I didnt like is there is only one alpha layer, and if you wear the lace dress your upper thighs appear invisible.  You can make your own alpha I suppose, but I was too lazy to do so lol

TRUTH *squeals* released a new set of hairs today, including the one I am showing you below.  I’ve been kinda obsessed with updos lately but in all fairness how could I not adore Truths new Winona hair?  Absolutely stunning!! Now lets talk GOSSAMER who will be in this round of Limited Bizaar where you can pick up a set or two of some gorgeous jewelry.  The set I’m wearing below includes necklaces an earring sets and the crystals are color changable.  Another new release by Gossamer would be these cuteseh lil finger bow rings, which come with various colors for you to change the rings to!

Lastly did you see these mesh boots I’m wearing!!!?! they are newly released from Grollwerk and offer both non wrapped and wrapped versions in your purchase.  They come with various sizes to suit your foot size.  Did I mention they are only 300L :O!  Oh and this badass piercing on my neck is a GROUP GIFT by Scrub!!! Hell yea – make sure to get this freebie!

We are at the end, no more stupid lies

We are at the end, no more stupid lies



• DRESS – [NV] SoLovely Dress NEW!
– MG – Valentina Jewelled Cross @Limited Bizzaar
• PIERCING …:::Scrub:::… Pinched Neck Piercing GROUP GIFT!
• BRACELETS –: Amorous : Bangled
• RINGS MG – Rings – Gigi Shimmer Bows NEW!
• NAILS ….::: Scrub :::… Break one’s Back
• EYES .ID.    August Gift
• SHOES [GW] Hoof Boots Black NEW!
• SKIN – [Atomic] Lien Skin_Buff – (OLD TDR ITEM)
– >TRUTH< Winona –  black & whites NEW!

Hoof Boots Vendor



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