I came here tonight to get you out of my mind

((listen)) well this Christina song is just so effin HAWT, am i Right? ofcourse ofcourse :Q___ anyways I wanted to show off AMD’s newest release as well as this super awesome skin.  Lets begin with APPLE MAY DESIGNS newest outfit release, which offers a mesh Tank, panties and oh so :Q___ stockings (yes im a whore and love stockings kthx) – TRUTH released this oh so sexy new mesh hairstyle – Have you ever noticed (or do u even care) that Truth’s hair styles come with a “roots” option, which I adore cause it adds to the realistic effect.

There is a new round of The Dressing Room going down – I was able to get this final skin from ATOMIC which is only 70L – okay yes it has green eyeshadow which nobody really wears, but – its uber cute and if you search long enough inworld you’ll be able to find an eyeshadow tattoo layer to cover up that option /me shrugs.  Or perhaps you’d rock the green around town, who knows.  Go get it and have fun.  EY:NO released a new Watch/Bracelet set which is aimed at the “Autumn” theme.  Personally all I know is that Im waiting patiently for Winter cause I looooove the prettiness Winter brings.

Lastly Lets talk GOSSAMER Jewelry which released an uber gorgeous set of Spiked Skull earrings/necklace set which will be available at SwagFest (which starts September 30th at Midnight)!  Oh yes and ONE MORE NEWNESS is these new poses by PLOOM called PEEK!  Adorbs

I came here tonight to get you out of my mind

I came here tonight to get you out of my mind



• POSES .ploom. Poses – Peek NEW!

• OUTFIT – Apple May Designs – Brielle NEW!
– MG – Necklace – Raven Skull @SwagFest!
• TEETH DeeTaleZ Teeth Realistic
• NAILS …::: Scrub :::… Knuckleduster Nails NEW!
• BRACELET (L) [EY:NO] Watch & Leaf-Bracelets (Lazy Sunday) NEW!
• BRACELET (R) [EY:NO] Mess Bangles (gold /silver)
• EYELINER :F: Serious – EyeLiner + EyeShadow
• EYES .ID. Mirror/Hazel Eyes
• SHOES Mstyle GOSHI Pumps – Gamboge Panther
• SKIN – [Atomic] Grace Skin_Buff – Fall @TDR!
>TRUTH< Uma –  light blondes NEW!


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