I’m tired of being what you want me to be

((listen)) Oh guys, I wanted to show off some new stuffs today!! Starting with WASABI PILLS who released this oh so cutes mesh ponytail hairstyle which you will be able to find over at FAMESHED, it comes with a style which will or should fit over your boobs (not not you massive prim boobies peoples xD).  Next AMOROUS released several new things lately, first these badass well created claws come with the cuff and you have the options of changing the metal colors and even the lil carbon (red) piece you see below.  I LOVE THEM /me screams.  Another new release by Amorous is this collar and earring set which you are able to change the metals and gemstone colors.

Lastly ALTEREGO released (as she always does cause shes a workaholic) a raunchy (in a oh so whore way heh) lil mesh dress that has falling straps and shows your boob, ofcourse being the angel I am I went and covered my boob with Pasties :3 heehee.  Check out the new boots I’m wearing which are also specifically designed by AlterEgo and you wont find them anywhere else.  They come in a few different colors and three different sizes.  Head on down to AlterEgo an scoop em up ❤

I'm tired of being what you want me to be

I'm tired of being what you want me to be



• DRESS :: alterego :: peeky sneeky NEW!
: Amorous : Heilig NEW!
• NECKLACE –MG – Necklace – Raven Skull @SwagFest!
• CLAWS: Amorous : Lacerated NEW!
• FADES :[P]:– Aleria Makeups- Leg and Arm Fade
• LEGGINGS erratic / fishnet thin / black
• HORNS *~*ILLUSIONS Wince Horns: Copy
• TEETH [label mode] Teeth FAT PACK
• SHAPE –.:: Delusions ::. Julie Shape FULL MOD @SwagFest!
• EYES .ID. Moody Vamp Eyes
• SHOES {alterego} mesh stompers – black NEW!
• SKIN:[P]:-Aleria-Elven://Female-Nightshade
– /Wasabi Pills/ Izumi Mesh Hair @FAMESHED


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