I just can’t help but tryin keep it cool

((listen)) yea most of my tunes these days roll back to the early 2000’s lol Im showin mah age i know – but anyways I was inspired for todays look from the SwagFest, and boy do I have a ton of stuff in this post with items from SwagFest.  Lets start off with the following Swagfest items:  PAPER.DOLL released an awesome mesh varsity type jacket, it comes in various sizes (obvi) and these adorable lil cutoff shorts.  .ME. jewelry has four different items availble at the event, which include this necklace, cross rings, cross earrings and bracelets (not shown), you are able to change the color texture of these items by simply clicking the jewelry.

SCRUB has some awesome new nails also available at the event which are in the form of lil shoes lol such a brilliant idea – you are able to resize and change the color of the shoes.  PURPLE POSES offers a new set of poses also at the event which has a “tude” feel to them, love em. Some things not available at the SwagFest but at the stores themselves are ofcourse this fab new updo hairstyle by TRUTH, really his new fades are brilliant, Frappuccino is my fav *.*

Lastly JP DESIGN released a new set of well created and textured shoes – you are able to change the colors of the shoes with a simple hud, resizing is also available on the hud.  I’m a bit of a shoe fanatic and I have two stores only I would buy tennis shoes from and JP DESIGN is one of em.  Okay pretties, until next time PEACE ❤

I just can't help but tryin keep it cool

I just can't help but tryin keep it cool



• JACKET– : Paper.Doll: Varsity Jacket: Yellow/Blue@SwagFest!
– : Paper.Doll: Frayed Cutoffs: Medium @SwagFest!
• NECKLACE –{me.} Faith Necklace PACK @SwagFest!
• EARS …::: Scrub :::… Ears
• RINGS –{me.} Faith Ring // PACK @SwagFest!
• BUBBLEGUM[PF] Yum Bubblegum!
• GLASSES [ JP ]:dsg. Shades-Tiger 01 *MESH*
• NAILS –[ S H O C K ] All Shoes Nails – Dark Colors @SwagFest!
• SHAPE –.:: Delusions ::. Julie Shape FULL MOD @SwagFest!
• EYES .ID. August Gift
• SHOES [ JP ]:dsg. Sneaker Senesy / Multicolor / *MESH NEW!
• SKIN:[ Al Vulo! ] – [ Livia ] – [ sunkissed ] NEW!
>TRUTH< Mayim –  fades NEW!


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