Thinking all love ever does is break and burn and end

((listen)) again Taylor Swift is mah girl here lately lol – anyways ya’ll I wanted to blog some of TRUTH’s new releases /me girlie screams.  First though I know you may notice my new way of taking pics is with a grey background, you’re mostly used to my scenery backdrops but to be honest, Im crazy busy anymore and it takes alot of time to scope out a place to take pics.  Anyways I opted to save time and blog more I can use this grey backdrop to ease my stress levels.  I kinda, sorta, love the new pics :o!

Anyways nuff of that stuffs – TRUTH released THREE new hairs today and I love them all.  If you’ve never purchased an orange tone you totally have to, the oranges are so vibrant, really perfectly gorgeous. The style I’m wearing below is the Guiliana style and offers a lovely soft flowly back brushed sorta style :3 adorbs, and seriously if you wanna attempt the ginger look you gotta stop by COLLABB and pick up this gorgeous skin from GLAM AFFAIR.  There are several different makeups available.  I chose to go au natural, but in the pack you receive bases as red, black, blonde.  Def worth you 188L

I’ve been wanting to blog this cuteseh new outfit from Apple May Designs for a lil bit now, its semi new but offers a lovely mesh top and non mesh shorts.  Though the shorts are non mesh they are def created extremly well.  Bet you cant tell they arent mesh eh eh eh? xD AMOROUS jewelry released a new set of necklaces and earrings and boy are they just perfectly created as always.  The chain and the metals are color changeable and you are able to purchase specifically a color of your choice <333 this.

Lastly I’ve been meaning to blog these lovely clutch bags I was given the other week – they are adorable and you are able to adjust them to how you want them to look if you choose to pose.  As I was looking into the store, I think their MP is down so please contact DavidReis Resident if interested in purchasing them.

Thinking all love ever does is break and burn and end

Thinking all love ever does is break and burn and end



• OUTFIT–  Apple May Designs – HotMess NEW!
: Amorous : Fallen Midnight
• EARRINGS : Amorous : Fallen Midnight
• BAG –LUSE – Olympia Leather Clutch Bag – Black
• NAILS Izzie’s – Gradient Nails
• EYES .ID. Mirror/Hazel Eyes
• SHOES Mstyle GOSHI Pumps – Silver
• SKIN – Glam Affair – Ginny – Europa – 02 @Collabb88
>TRUTH< Guiliana –  gingers NEW!




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