wake up alone

hair >TRUTH< Mayim w/Roots – honey *NEW* tysm truth ❤

eyes ! MU. genie brown. > freebie

skin .tsg. mei mei -no bust- A tone -dark brows- *NEW* tysm eilfie ❤

teeth [PXL] Mouth_open_Addon_v6 

shirt Apple May Designs – His Place – Classic White for FAIR

earrings MG Earrings – Tea + Cupcakes – GOLD – for FAIR

watch *chronokit* Clock No09 -rustclock- > freebie

flower vase LISP Lullaby Flower Arrangement

shelf  .::La Flat::. Vintage “Punk” Record Shelf > store closed


trunk {what next} Mayfair Trunk (london)

bed Trompe Loeil Morning Light Cupboard Beds PG Freesia [mesh] for FAIR tysm cory ❤


rugs[ROLY-POLY] -rag-  flower pink

chair++LP2++ Lounge Chair 150

lamp -[ Zacca ]- bon-bori > past gift

table *MH* wood square table

plant BP* beaker with plants

art pics are from mijn boa  


skybox[croire] stormy skybox *NEW* tysm emily ❤



xoxo Druuna



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