NEW from DeeTaleZ, N-Core & Truth

Hey Guys!  Wow so much newness, just epic newness /me girlie screams.  Lets begin with hair releases from TRUTH which there are three, in the post below I want to show off two of them until later this evening.  They all are mesh and come with a gorgeous back braided pony tail.  DEETALEZ released a new set of sexy lingerie which can be worn with or without Lola Appliers.  I love the detailed garters hanging from the bodic – gorgeousss!!

Lastly N-Core released NEW MESH FEET (and new shoes to which Ill blog here in a bit) – I have so much to tell you all about these awesome mesh feet, but gotta see more after the jump!

NEW from DeeTaleZ, N-Core & Truth

NEW from DeeTaleZ, N-Core & Truth


MG – Necklace – Erzulie’s Love Charm
MG – Bangles – Damasc – GOLD
• FEET N-core BAREFEET (Mesh) NEW!
• SKINDeetalez Skin Dolly V2 Glossy Winter
• HAIR/SHRUG>TRUTH< Ursula & Laurie NEW!

Now to gush about these awesome new feet released by N-Core – They have changed considerably from the previous release of prim feet last year.  THey are highly detailed skin textures, they look as realistic as you can want your mesh feet to be!  Best part is, as you see in the HUD below is they can match a ton of skin designers tones – simply click on the section that says “CLICK AND MATCH” and you will be redirected to a webpage to which you simply change the color of your Skin.  For instance if you are matching an AL VULO skin, click the webpage on the HUD, click AL VULO, the specific Skin you are wearing and then the tone to which you are wearing .  Click “APPLY” and TADA your color changes in world – I mean how freaking AMAZING is that! I love it and so should you!

NEW N-Core Mesh Feet



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