You can’t shoot me down cause you’ve already knocked me dead

((listen)) howdy guys! ahaha I’ve been totally into Country Music the past month – so guess youre gonna have to deal xD As always its extremely hard for me to blog during the week and I apologize but after two years, I have scaled back my blogging to blog on weekends and concentrate more on RL stuffs.  I do have two other awesome bloggers on the Killer Kitten who do a wonderful job, so stay tuned! (Gracias Toxxic and Druuna xoxox)

I finally got into the ARCADE event today and I was like O.O MUST BUY ALL – so after draining my pockets, I put together the below look.  Truth has this cuteseh new hairstyle available at the arcade, which gives you the option to wear with a flower head piece band or without.  I chose without cause I wanted to show off my adorable lil Kitty Ear headband from PIDIDDLE, its like 50L per try.  The lil cuffs I wear are mesh and come with an alpha layer to hide certain spots on ur wrist and they are created by NYU, also 50L per try at the Arcade.   PUNCTURE released a new set of belly chains over at Whore Couture Fair and I LOVE THEM, they range from tags as Bitch, Cunt, Dime, Milf, Slut, Whore. ahahha perfection eh? 😛

PAPER DOLL released these cuteseh bow tops at the event and come in various styles for you to win, including some rares!  Owww I was so happy to see the eyes created by DEAD APPLES, I girlie screamed and bought several – mostly cause I wanted black and I GOT BLACK xD but its only 25L per try so its a given to just buy and buy!  VILLENA released these new well textured Jeans – they come in various colors of denim to fit your style and have rolled up parts near the ankles.  I always love how Villena and both Pumpkin create awesome mesh and texture it so realistically – really impressive.  SO head over to the Arcade and to Villena and get yo stuffs ❤

You can't shoot me down cause you've already knocked me dead

You can't shoot me down cause you've already knocked me dead



 • TOP – Paper.Doll: Bow Bandeau: Polka RARE @ARCADE
• JEANS .:villena:. – tucked up jeans in black NEW!
• CUFFSNYU – Cotton Cuffs, Black @ARCADE
• COLLARXcite! ToKon Tintable Fish Cat Collar
• FACE TATTOO-TSH– Striped Pink Kitty Nose
• EYELINER:F: Serious – EyeLiner + EyeShadow
• TAIL{Lemon Tea} Neko Tail – Black with white tip
• BELLY CHAIN<-Puncture-> Belly Chain [BITCH] @WCF!
• TATTOO.:: Delusions ::. Wild side
• NAILSIzzie’s – Long Metallic Nails @Collabor88
• EYES{D.A} Anime Eyes – Unnatural @ARCADE
• SKIN[ Al Vulo! ] – [ Ramona ] – [ Solstice Fairy ]
TRUTH HAIR Video Games – Pink @ARCADE


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