Theres no salvation for a bad girl

((listen)) OKies last look for today and I am in love with myself xD ahahha you gotta check out this song its effin amazing ya’ll! SO continuing on from my previous post with Whore Couture Fair – Im adding the second skin release by DEETALEZ and its this gorgeous, sexy, red lipstick creation.  Gorgeous, yes yes and I feel all skanky n shit xD ahahah I love it please keep in mind the face tattoos (blood and tape face) is not added onto the skin by Deetalez.  Also GAWKs other release for the fair is this BOOBIE TOP, now it comes with either “PORNO” or “BISH” on the front and you’ll have to buy the appliers separately ofcourse.  Now I chose to wear without LOLAS cause exile’s hair just wasnt working with boobs, le sad face – hopefully soon he will create hair for boobs heh!  Lastly EPIC released these AHMAZING new shoulder pads for those bad bad girls who like to strut their dominance in the RP world ahahaha you can find them at WCF too! Anyways enjoy ❤

Theres no salvation for a bad girl

Theres no salvation for a bad girl



 • TOP – Gawk! Red Mini Shirt “Bish” @WCF!
• SKIRT *!t :: Circus Jerk Panties (Black)
• LEGGINGSerratic / fishnet wide / black
• GARTER{alterego} money garter {right} @WCF!
• GOGGLES>T< Hacker Goggles
• FACE TATTOO #1:Little Pricks:  Scarred Up Face
• FACE TATTOO #2[:[T]:] Busted Lip Love
• GUN[BlackOps] Barrett XM109
• BELLY CHAIN<-Puncture-> Belly Chain [WHORE] @WCF!
• SHOULDER PADS*Epic* Dark Gladiator Spiked Shoulders @WCF!
• BELLY PIERCING<-Puncture-> Gemstone Navel Piercing
• SHOESSlink Tall Leather Thigh Boots Black
• EYES.ID. Mirror/Hazel Eyes
• SKIN – DeeTaleZ Skin Brilliance Skin Gogo WHORE LUST @WCF!
::Exile:: Crazy in Love: Naturals


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