some reason i can´t explain


hair Eaters Coma HAIR 13 (type A) / Light Pink > dollarbie 1l (needs join group) n/a anymore

eyes Chus! Beginner Lens in Sky > newbie gift (needs to be under 50 days old) *NEW* tysm chus ❤

skin :::Dimbula Rose::: SAKURA skin 02 > lucky board

piercing .:ellabella:. Matrix Love – Piercing – Black for LUCK OF THE IRISH

top *TwInS FaShIoN TF* WhoreTop Pink for WCF @ Ambon *NEW* tysm titou ❤

inner top {mon tissu} Lycia Lace Bandeau Bra ~ Peach

hoodie *Milk* My Whore Hoodie Pale Pink for WCF @ Ambon

shorts FnH LIl’Shorts Zebra Pink for WCF @ Borderlands *NEW* tysm melanie ❤

socks *BOOM* Tube Socks-Lt Pink


earrings [North West] Chunky Hearts

glasses ! ellemeno ! clean glasses – pink w/ bow for WCF @ Borderlands

lunch box *katat0nik* (lt pink/bunny) Bento Lunch Box (mesh) #1 for The Arcade *NEW* tysm kat ❤

book *N* BOOK2010 1-3 > gacha

tp to WHORE COUTURE FAIR 2 @ Ambon & Borderlands 

wcf map  

xoxo Druuna


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