Kiss the boys and make em cry

((listen)) Wasssuuup guys – so check it, I hope you all had a wonderful easter cause I surely did!  Hence me not being online much – sue me 😛 Now the BIG BOOBIES SHOW IS RUNNING STRONG!  Thus I wanted to show off this sexy lil get up by none other then GRAVES!  The outfit I’m wearing below which includes color, legging pieces, hand/arm pieces – all part of this outfit!  Gah I love this brand, they make some badass stuffs and to have them apart of the event is just amazeballs!  Next TRUTH released three new hair styles, the one Im wearing has a lil ponytail in the back – but the front is just super cuteness /me girlie screams.  OH.MY by beks released some neat-O new makeups which include the lil black face tattoos you see.  Anyways get yo butts over to Truth and the Big Boobies Show and buy you some epic stuffs!

Kiss the boys and make em cry

Kiss the boys and make em cry


 • OUTFIT –G423 Gravity – Magenta @BigBoobiesShow
• BELT Fet!sh – Grenadier Belt – Black
• HORNS #1 :[P]:-Triz Horns://Rage
• HORNS #2<-Puncture-> Dermal Spike HORNS
• EYE MAKEUP #1Corvus : Cruel Eye-makeup
MONS / Makeups – Eyeshadow Mystery2
[] “Black Heart” Makeup NEW!
** Bish Gloves Black
Slink Tall Leather Thigh Boots Black
.:: Delusions ::. Darkside Eyes – Black
Essences Opera ❤ @BigBoobiesShow
• HAIR>TRUTH< Elisha –  black & whites NEW!


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