I’ll make it worth your while

((listen)) Dahhhhlings – So after I took my solo pics, my booface Amber was like “omgah lets do a post together and I’m like mmmkay sure” so you get three pictures today 😛 yayyy n stuff ahahha Anyways – the KAWAII fair which started TODAY has over 50 designers (click HERE for website) selling their Kawaii themed goodies and BLAH! released several items, the dress you see below ermagherd its so freakin adorable, there is even a bow top designed one as well.  AL VULO released a new special skin for The Dressing Room which means CHEAP BUY guys!  Usually its like what under 100L for something at TDR so yes its a must get.

CATWA released some jeweled eye shadow sets, now they are attachable (not tattoo later) but best of all is you are able to change the color of the stones on the shadow sets.  Kinda sorta awesome and you have the capability to resize to fit your face.  N-CORE released a new set of heels last week and there are several options to them, you can wear with or without strap and as always you are able to change little items within the shoe using the HUD.  Lastly ALTEREGO released new mesh BULLET headbands :3 my lil wicked roleplay self needed them ❤ Thanks Toxx  HAPPY SHOPPING ERRRRBODY!

We'll make it worth your while

I'll make it worth your while

I'll make it worth your while




 • DRESS –!Blah. (My Pretty In Polka Mesh Dress) @KAWAIIFAIR
n-creation army necklace
• EYE SHADOW ^;^CaTwA^;^/Gayaa/jeweled eye shadow V2 NEW!
• NECK TATTOO.:: Delusions ::. Monster you made
• RINGSRO – Sanctus purchase container
MG – Bangles – Pitch Black Dare
• EARS(pera) – Droopy Ears
• HEADBANDcrush – bullet headband – blk NEW!
• ARM BANGLES[EY:NO] Mess Bangles
• GARTER{alterego} money garter {right}
• EYES.ID. August Gift
• SKIN – :[ Al Vulo! ] – [ Aisha ] – [ Smoky sunkissed ] @TDR!
• HAIR (epoque hair) Tied Up – Monochrome


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