Lookin for a man to break

((listen)) Wasssap Guys – so is Sunday and I was wanting to get out this super cute new mesh bustier which yeah I turned into a lil dress for me :3 that is from TRUTH yes believe it or not TRUTH created this lil mesh number, his first clothing release and I think its excellent quality, texture and all and you will only find it over at the FAMESHED event!  Next we have new texture release from REMARKABLE OBLIVION there are two new texture releases that you can get your hands on for these badass wing ears – they can be found over at SL FASHION WEEK!

Next we have GOSSAMERS new release which is a cross necklace set (includes earrings) which colors and stones are changeable.  These are available over at FAMESHED – love that event so many awesome designers and great quality items.  INSUFFERABLE DASTARD released a new set of eyes which can be found over at The Mens Dept, Sl has been acting all sorts of weird lately since I upgraded so IDK whats up with my eye pic lolol anyways Lastly I got my hands on these new GOS wedges :3 and and I’ll let them speak for themselves cause they are all sorts of amazing, epically so because GOS created a new HUD and has a awesome new website you can find your exact same skin color *.*

Lookin for a man to break

Lookin for a man to break




 • TOP–TRUTH Melody Bustier @FAMESHED!
*Fishy Strawberry* Swan Lake Leggins
– MG – Magdalena Cross @FAMESHED!
• WING EARS RO  Elysium – Legion @SFW!
• BLOODY LIPCorvus : Bloody Lips
• SHOES[Gos] Boutique – Ursula Wedges – Black NEW!
• EYES –.ID. Essentials / Gray @MensDept!
• SKINEssences Opera
• HAIR >TRUTH< Angie –  black & whites

Insufferable Dastard @ Mens Dept



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