I’m chuckin my deuces up to him

((listen)) Oi what a day, what a day!  CHRONOKIT released a new series of Mesh T-Shirts, available in different designs and colors!  Now from what I can tell they do only come in one size so please do check the demos before buying.  FYI – the boys fit better on me then the girls :3 I Paired the shirt with BALKANIKS previous jean release as well as shoes, shoes are pretty badass they come with either gold chain or silver chains on the top portion of the shoe.

I'm chuckin my deuces up to him

I'm chuckin my deuces up to him


• SHIRT –*chronokit* T Shirts 01 Skull White NEW!
BALKANIK 2.0 EvuzaJeans_DarkGrey
• NECKLACE–* Baiastice_Cross jewelry set-black-resizable
• RING [whatever] BITCH ring
•BRACELET*BLITZED* Legacy Cuffs – black
• EYES I.D. Mirror/Hazel
• SHOES BALKANIK 2.0 Havana-Sneakers_White
• SKINEssences – Wednesday II – Beach ❤
• HAIREaters Coma – HAIR 24 / NOIR


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