They don’t know ‘bout you and me

((listen)) Oh Hai there guys!  Gah I have so much to blog xd I have an exciting post coming up hopefully within the next day or two with Mike and its gonna be so amazing!  But lets talk about todays look -!GO! released a new mesh shirt but it can be worn as a cute lil dress as well :3 I paired the outfit with GOSSAMERS new release for United Fashion Project which is the Lovely Heart rings and bracelets – they come in both silver and gold colors.  Also up from GOSSAMER would be this flower necklace which is available at FAMESHED and you’re able to change the color of the flowers.

They don’t know ‘bout you and me



• TOP !gO! cocoon shirt NEW!
Pig – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – Rosemist
• NECKLACE–MG – Necklace -Daisy Chain @FAMESHED
• HAIR BOW PIDIDDLE – Kitty Bow Peep Band
• RINGS/BRACELET –MG – Rings -Hand Made Heart @UFP!
• EYES – [CheerNo] Eyes.Dilunna_Mesh / Brown#1
• TEETH DeeTaleZ Teeth Realistic
• NAILS Izzie’s – 80’s Round Nails
• SHOES [LeLutka]-Pow-Black
[REJECT] Body Co. – Crystal Shape
Essences – Whisper ~ sunkissed
[taketomi>TCF]_Kiyomi+Rin_Browns @TCF!


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