GEEK – Crazy Kids Autographed Guitars

So I’ve been meaning to post these guitars in my own personal post, but yeah – other things came about.  BUT IM HERE, check out the guitars below – now they are all personally designed and autographed by many designers around the grid, including – Jada Tigerpaw (Owner of Geek) – Toxxic Rhiannyr (Owner of AlterEgo) – Jade Winthorpe (Owner of Epic) – Whisper Mizin (yes me xd Owner of Delusions/Reject) – anyways there are several of these available in designs and autographs.  You can pick them up over at the TRFF EVENT!

geek@TRFF - Crazy Kids
Whisper/DeAnna Guitars <3
Jade/Toxxic Guitars Show Off

TP TO TRFF to get your guitar TODAY!


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