*o* Seriously am excited for the Dark Style Fair to open for you guys – this place is awesome, so many things you need to get your grabby hands ready!


• TOP – [AB] Peter Pan Dress Black @DarkStyleFair (Opens 5/17)
–MoDANNA [Riot Collection] Leather Skirt Black @DarkStyleFair (Opens 5/17)
• COLLAR–Aesthetica- DripDrip Collar Black @DarkStyleFair (Opens 5/17)
• FACE PAINT – Lovely Disarray – The Vanquisher [Unisex] @DarkStyleFair (Opens 5/17)
• HORNS .ARISE. Skrim Horns @DarkStyleFair (Opens 5/17)
• BLOODY HANDS Clemmm – Damaged Hands @DarkStyleFair (Opens 5/17)
• RINGS -UtopiaH- My Captive Mesh Rings Black
• SOCKS -UtopiaH- My Double Garter Stocking & Appliers
• BELT .POMPOSITY – Gothic Belly Chain 
• SHOULDERS .aisling. LadyOfHighgarden – Shoulders
• BELLY PIERCING .Pekka. Navel Cross Unisex Piercing
• NAILS–[ S H O C K ] Slink Unholy Nails @DarkStyleFair (Opens 5/17)
• EYESClemmm – Ghost Eyes v.4 @DarkStyleFair (Opens 5/17)
• SHAPE –[REJECT] Body Co. Rose Shape
SKIN.Birdy. Delilah Skin ~Pure~
little bones. Trouble @DarkStyleFair (Opens 5/17)


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