Make Me Laff – LOTD9


Hi everyone!! SO.. I have some awesome friends who have been giving me some of their stuff & I really wanted to do a lil LOTD with some of the awesome goodies.

K this is long so bear with me but I have to rave about all these awesome designers who have caught my eye to make up this fun outfit

Don’t forget We RP is still going!! In fact, these super cute hoop earrings are actually from Distorted Dreams and are for sale there. I loove them so much. They’re actually simple enough you can wear with any look really, but so unique that they catch the eye =) Geek is ALSO @ We RP with these boots, inspired by Link’s boots in the Zelda series. The little pocket holds a Navi & rupee =)

Next, Serafilms is inspired by Labrynth this round & Kreao from Cubic Cherry Kre-ations made this super awesome crown which is ALSO unisex! Yep.. get over there & snag yours too guys.

Poe from 7MadRavens made these detailed neckbolts/forehead bolts for 100 Block and sadly.. I was sooo packed busy with events I didn’t get a chance to feature them in any LOTDs. But.. The texturing is so neat & I haven’t seen anything like this before! Super creative thinking there.

I had to snag this adorable shirt from Jamie @ Heathensque cus.. I mean.. come on. Check out that cleavage yeah? Loooooove love.

I recently met someone who I think is just super sweet & adorable. Blueberry’s owner Mishi was so nice.. she sent over this pak of super adorable shorts because she knew I was drooling over her WIPs! I am so in love with them.



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