Alice Rules – lotd10


So! Mishi made these AMAZING skirts & tops which… Can I just say are the best quality I’ve seen in clothes in sooo long? The texturing is just so realistic & all the highlights/shading is super perfect. Love it!!

Also… on top of how awesome the skirt & top already is? They’re named after me! :O Yesh… so snag them.. Cus they’re super awesome and named Jada!
Geek is at Risque Business and we have these super adorable ‘whovian’ inspired shoes (ty TheRachelraye Resident for the awesome term!) to go with your awesome slink High feet =) All original mesh & can be found in 8 diff colors.

This lil dog made me grin, so I HAD to get it. Absolutely adorable and fit in with my whole twist on ‘Alice overthrows the Red Queen & Rules’ look. =)

Keep an eye out for an upcoming sale from Geek!! I’m currently trying to buy a house in RL & as soon as the offer gets accepted, will be working my butt off to finish getting that down payment together including a sale and a nifty surprise from Blueberry & Geek!! =)


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