Celestial Offspring – LOTD11


Hi everyone!! Another LOTD from me and I absolutely love the stuff I have on today. =D

Kreao from Cubic Cherry Kreations passed me this amazing horn/headpiece called Hator which will be found at Tales of Fantasy Gacha!! It’s looking like an AMAZING event.

Geek will also be at ToF with this Portable Titan, you can find 8 different common Titans & 5 different Rare Imps. =D

Also!! The bowed sleeves that remind you of a certain epic character named Rikku? Yep!! Those are by yours truly, and is being sold @ We RP.. They’re called Machina Sleeves and can be found in 8 diff colors.

I was given this super cute necklace from Myr @ Pr!ck & I think it’s prob my fave necklace right now. It’s sooo adorable and I have a feeling will find it’s place in tons of my outfits.

I was surprised with these shoes from Whatever a few days ago & I absolutely love them. In fact, I’ve had so many ppl ask me where I got them already. This color is my fave so far but there’s tons of awesome colors available! =D

> Follow the Yellow Brick Road!!! <


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