Last Goodbye

Look at me lookin all professional and stuff lol which is good cause in the real world my career is professional so much so that I *points to herself* got a huge raise today :3 imma do the happy dance now kthx xD Theres a new round of SHE & HIM about to open up where you can get this cute outfit – dress/shoes and bag!

Last Goodbye

• DRESS –  NS:: Black and white Dress (Mesh) @She&Him
– NS::  Mesh Bag @She&Him
–  – Pr!cK – CuiCui Set ( SilveR ) @TheBigShow
–  [BH9] Luxury Unisex Briefcase (Black) @She&Him
• EYES  .ID. Summer Eyes – Silver NEW!
• SHAPE –[REJECT] Body Co. Rose Shape
   NS::  Slink High Heel Shoes @She&Him
SKINEssences – Siggy TDRF02 *light rose* @TDRF
  ! SugarsmacK ! Drew : Brunette Babes 2 @Cosmopolitan 70L!


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