LOTD 14 – MegaGeek

LOTD 14 - MegaGeek

Hai Luvvlies So… Genre & Cosplay started yesterday & I really wanted to do a blog post with some of the amazing stuff I’ve gotten over the past few days.

Also.. Geek has released these super awesome gloves @ Cosplay called: Prototype. With each color of glove, you can find a HUD that allows you to change so many things: various metal pieces on the glove, hose & gear. With all the options, It’ll be so easy to be unique.

On another note.. I will be going on a small sabbatical to revamp & refresh Geek. as well as improve my meshing/texturing skills. Because of this, I may not be in as many events as you remember me being in.. That does not mean, however, that Geek is going away! I promise.

My ultimate goal for 2015 is to be releasing better quality work in the mainstore with a few events that really hit what Geek is about on the nail head.. Instead of working from event to event with no mainstore activity.

Also, I’m hoping to have a better vendor system set up which will allow you all to gift a little easier… As well as a huge move down to the sim with my mainstore… and *drumroll* group rewards!

Tysm for your continued support & my IM box is always open with suggestions, etc.

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