There’s nothing left for me to think about

((listen)) Halu, so LUAS released a new gacha outfit you can get your grabby hands on over at the Secret Affair, so try your luck to get the goodies I’m wearing.  I wanted to go into a lil details about NCORES new system, shoes, etc.  So check out the deetz below.

There’s nothing left for me to think about

• DRESS –  Luas Ygritte Dress S Black @TheSecretAffair
–  Luas Ygritte Pauldrons RARE @TheSecretAffair
–  Luas Ygritte Warmers S RARE @TheSecretAffair
• HEADPIECE –  .Keystone. Woodlander Headpieces @TheSecretAffair
• STAFFEnfant Terrible. Staff Stainless Steel
FEATHERS–  ::Exile:: Silent Wings: Naturals
COLLARS .Pekka. Ring collar – silver
• EYES– .ID.  Natural Eyes / Autumn
N-core EMBRACE (Need New Ncore Extreme feet) NEW!
Essences – Loulou @Cirque de Seraphim
• HAIR –   ~Tableau Vivant~ Wicca hair – Shadows @Collabor88

So N-CORE released a new system, with their own mesh feet, tights, etc – check out below information

N-core "The New System" Rigged Mesh Feet

* Rigged mesh feet.
3 styles: Flat, Medium, Xtreme
(re-shaped & re-textured for a more realistic look!)

* Stockings & Tattoos (appliers)

* N-core Click&Match
Easy skin match with the web- based matching system. Huge database of skins.

* SKIN APPLIERS also available!

* Skin matching requests:
For those skins not available yet in the database/appliers we commit to send you the RBG codes for your skin (upon request)

* ADD-ON shoes. Lots of add-ons coming soon

* Developer kit: make shoes for N-core feet (*Limited licenses*, more info soon)


– Personal HUD that allow you to put your own textures to the feet, nails, stockings, tattoos…


N-core *The New System*
Rigged mesh Bare Feet


You will find a wide range of products for your N-core feet as:

-Add-on shoes
-Skin appliers (*free* at N-core Mainstore)
-Personal HUD that allow you to customize your feet (skin, stockings, tattoos & nails) with your own textures! (*free* at N-core Mainstore)
-Appliers HUD for: Stockings, tattoos & nails

GIFT! Nails applier for your N-core Feet (Rigged Mesh)


You can match your N-core feet with the Skin Appliers offered at the mainstore or using the “Click&Match” HUD web-based matching system included in the feet folder. If your skin brand is not yet available you can manually match your skin through the Skin HUD included also in the feet folder (color picker/RGB values)

N-core SKIN APPLIERS (For Rigged Mesh Feet)


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