With your big eyes, and your big lies

((listen)) Oh Howdy peeps – ugh Im exhausted, so apologies for the slowness of posts these days – from work to the holidays, I’ve been swamped.  None the less I was super excited to get some new stuffs out to show you!  BLUEBERRY has been a busy busy bee, the Cardigan dress you see below, comes with the choice of no dress (so you can wear just the cardigan) or wear with the dress – I loooove!  Also BLUEBERRY released a new set of hairstyles! Yassss, at the mainstore you’re able to get your grabby hands on four different hairstyles, I’m showing you one of the newest below!  GEEK also released a gacha headband specifically for the BLUEBERRY hair, so head on down and get em done!  N-CORE released a new set of mesh boots in several colors too! Lastely ARISKEA released a new GACHA FURNITURE set =O I know right, check out the details below for landmarks.

With your big eyes, and your big lies

• CARDIGAN/DRESS Blueberry Babi – Mesh – Cardigan & Dress NEW!
[geek.] Mishi Headband RARE Silver NEW!
–  MG – Necklace – Wild Parisienne Pearl Collar @Uber
• PLATE –  Ariskea [ Scandinave ] Plate of Joy Yellow @N21
• TABLE – Ariskea [ Scandinave ] Wood Table with drapes @N21
• SIGN –  Ariskea [ Scandinave ] Joy Bulb Light @N21
• EYES– . {Dead Apples} Striking Eyes – Olive
Essences – Quinn
• HAIR – Blueberry – Babette – Hair Design NEW!

N-core Boots (Rigged Mesh)
N-core BOOTS (Colors)

Blueberry Babi Cardigans Optional Dresses

Blueberry Hair Store Open


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