I’ve forgiven it all

I've forgiven it all

Details Below

• TOP – _CandyDoll_Akahana Collection Top  @ARCADE
– _CandyDoll_Akahana Collection Skirt @ARCADE
– JIAN Lively Labs :: Not So Srs Pup @ARCADE
• TEETHDeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue
• EYES – IKON Promise Eyes – Clarity
SKINDeeTaleZ – Octavia – Nordic
• HAIR – TRUTH HAIR Tempest –  blondes

NEW! Catwa "AnnaGrey" Mesh Head

Lets talk mesh heads and Catwa, shall we?  I just got into the “mesh head” game myself and after trying lord knows how many mesh heads on, my favorite creator of mesh heads hands down has to be Catwa, the huds, which are entirely simple to maneuver and change your lashes, makeup, etc.  I love the fact that I can create endless looks on just one mesh head alone.

Catwa released a new mesh head recently called “ANNAGREY” – I love the big lips faces, cause lessssbehonest here, Kylie Jenner = yassssss!  Now the only time consuming factor you have when purchasing a mesh head is finding an adequate skin that fits perfectly with your head.  After trying what seems like hundreds of skins on from various places around the grid – I found this gorgeous skin over at Deetalez, which works well with the larger lips that the ANNAGREY mesh head offers.  Definitely a big win in my book – my suggestion, is go to Catwa, take a couple demos and than go shop around for skins demoing them with your mesh head.

Yes, its time consuming – but oh so worth it – Happy Shopping ❤


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