Magical Girl

Magical Girl

Details Below

• OUTFIT – 01[Cubic Cherry] {Magical Girl} body light ULTRARARE @CrystalHeart
• SHOES – 
03[Cubic Cherry] {Magical Girl} socks light RARE @CrystalHeart
• EYELASHES – (Enfer Sombre*) Catwa Lashes applier – Magical @CrystalHeart
• LIPSTICK – (Enfer Sombre*) Catwa Lipstick applier – Gabrielle @CrystalHeart
• SKIN – (Enfer Sombre*) Gabrielle Skin @ChapterFour (Opens 7/4)
EYES –  {S0NG} :: Mieko~ Sky Eye
• HAIR – Exile – Lovefool @HairFair


STAND Poseidon Selina 1


BACKDROP –  CMYK// 6. pastel magical studio @CrystalHeart
CLOUDS –  *Tentacio* Magic Deer. Forest Deer @CrystalHeart
CROWN – *Tentacio* Magic Deer. Magic Queen @CrystalHeart
GLOBE – *Tentacio* Magic Deer. Magic Heart @CrystalHeart
FLOATING HEARTS – DISORDERLY. / Crystal Court / Floating Gems / Heart @CrystalHeart
WAND – 31.SallieLanguage Crystal Heart S Special Wand Pink(Rare) @CrystalHeart
STAR AURA/POOFS – **CC** – Girl Power @CrystalHeart


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