All Things Go

((listen)) new song by Nicki and I’m in loooove with it.  So a new round of FAMESHED is underway and I found this pretty lil outfit there by JUNBUG, also grabbed this ohemgee awesome hair by LITTLE BONES *o*  DAZED release this new mesh nose chain piercing, it comes with a hud you’re able to change the color of the beads.

All Things Go

• DRESS –  *{Junbug}* Fifi’s Boudoir [Night] @FAMESHED
Izzie’s – Sheer Tights (Basics)
–  .Pekka. Bow chain necklace @SuicideDollz
• NOSE CHAIN – DAZED. – Dyami Nose Chain Gold @SuicideDollz
• HEADBAND – .DirtyStories. Spiked Headband
• BANGLESC h a r y . – Gaia Bangles (Gold)
• EYES– . {Dead Apples} Striking Eyes – Olive
SKIN –  Essences – Quinn @TDRFusion
• HAIR –  little bones. Lush – Ombre&Roots @FAMESHED



I’m still a fool for you

((listen)) Hey guys so BLUEBERRY released a new top/shirt combo as well as a new belt/shorts combo, each purchase comes with a hud where your’re able to change the undershirt and zipper metal textures.  The shorts youre able to change the belt and the metal textures as well.

I’m still a fool for you

• TOP –  Blueberry – Chlo – Mesh – Crop Jacket & Undershirts NEW!
–  Blueberry – Chlo – Mesh – Denim Belted Shorts Midnight NEW!
– .Pekka. Maxi headdress gacha @FantasyGachaCarnival
• NECKLACE–  .Pekka. Geo Triangle necklace – gold @We<3RP
LLAMA–  +Half-Deer+ Lovely Little Llama – Cinnamon 1
BANGLES–  C h a r y . – Gaia Bangles (Gold)
• EYES– .ID.  Natural Eyes / Autumn
• SHOES – 
_CandyDoll_ Odette Heels
SKIN –  Essences {Loulou – TDRF} Medium01 @TDR
• HAIR – little bones. Sea Foam

Blueberry Chlo (Belleza Venus Compatible) Set! Crop Blazers + Belted Denim Shorts

I’ll take the pleasure, take it with the pain

((listen)) A New round of UBER recently opened and I was able to squeeze my lil pixel self into the sim yay n stuff lol I saw this really amazing mask for Mike, luckily the creator had it set up so you’re able to gift it to someone (really love when creators do this option).  CYNFUL released a new set of its Tweeted pants and you’re able to buy several different belt options for it.  CYNFULS release will be for the Sad November event, which opens 11/1/14.  so mark your calendars!

I'll take the pleasure, take it with the pain

On Whisper:

• TOP –   DRIFT Anais Top NEW!
PANTS –  [Cynful] Tweed Pants – Dark Grey @SadNovember (Opening 11/1/14)
NECKLACE – MG – Necklace – Bachata Chained Cross @Uber
PUPPIES –  [geek.] Sheldon’s Sugar High @TAG!
BAT WINGS – 7mad;Ravens NeonWings-Bat
EYE MAKEUP –  .Pekka. Sugar rush eyeshadows
BANGLESC h a r y . – Gaia Bangles (Silver)
• EYES– {Dead Apples} Phantom Eyes – Snow
SKIN.Birdy. Delilah Skin ~Pure~
• HAIR – TRUTH HAIR Ambrosia –  black & whites @Uber

On Mike:

• HARNESS –  ~Tableau Vivant~Arm Harness + collar
–  [The Forge] Stomach Belt Male, Black
–  [Deadwool] Oberon mask – spiral horns @Uber
• TATTOO   .Reckless. – Warrior
• SHOES –  J’s Studded Long boots
THESKINSHOP (09) (SKIN) ‘sky’ (Athletic)

TAG! Gacha Key with Names

I’ll fall right into you

Hi Guys, welp Ive been in this outfit prolly for a month – apologies but Ive been in real life with Mike 😛 Anyways now that we’ve settled into rl I can dedicate some time back to blogging.  Mikes outfit is mostly made up from stuff from last TMD (yes we’re totally back logged here lol)

I'll fall right into you

• DRESSBlueberry  Blueberry – Ronnie – Mesh – Denim Corset Tutu Dresses
BANGLES –  C h a r y . – Gaia Bangles (Black)
HORNS –  Luas Malefica horns
HEADPIECE[Keystone]  .Keystone. Fae’Leth Headpiece 
• NOSE CHAIN –  [Keystone] Amary’s Nose chains 
• EYES–  {Dead Apples} Phantom Eyes – Snow
• SHOES –  REIGN.– High Society Heels-
SKIN – .Birdy. Delilah Skin ~Pure~
• HAIR –
  /Wasabi Pills/ Mandy Mesh Hair

You shoulda crowned her, cause she’s a goddess

((listen)) Hai Guys! Well I wanted to do a quickie post and show off some cool stuff that has been released around the grid.  I must say CHARY released a set of bangles (thank god) that I’ve been wanting someone to create around the grid since ey:no closed up shop!  They come in several metal colors of your choosing too!  PEKKA released a collar/necklace (looove) and you can find that over at the FANTASY COLLECTIVE!

You shoulda crowned her, cause she's a goddess

• SHIRT–  DeeTaleZ Tops MESH Tunic @Collabor88
COLLAR –  .Pekka. Cross chain choker – gold @FantasyCollective
NECKLACE – .Pekka. Supernatural pentacle necklace – gold @FantasyCollective
BANGLE– C h a r y . – Gaia Bangles (Gold) NEW!
FRECKLES –  .Pekka. Freckles + Star mole
• HEADPIECE – .Keystone. Malin / Ward of the wood @TheFantasyCollective
• HORN PIECE – Luas Iballa Headpiece Golden RARE @TalesofFantasy
• BRACER –  Luas Iballa Bracer L Golden RARE @TalesofFantasy
• EYES–  [CheerNo] Eyes.Dilunna_Mesh / Brown#1
SKIN – .Birdy. Dreamer Skin – Pure –
• HAIR –
/Wasabi Pills/ Rachel NEW!