New AMY skin by [Cynical]

I was handed some new skins by a designer I’ve never heard of – they are sweet skins, specifically I love the mouth – I’m very much attracted to lips here in SL on skins lol i dunno is that weird o.0  Skins with teeth on the lips :Q___ adore, so chenyways I would be posting the creatos mainstore LM however It seems its closed at this time – so I’ll include the owners name for you to look in her picks for LM  Reya Optera – several tones available, comes with option of teeth or no teeth, cleavage or no enhanced cleavage.


Can You Keep Up?

((listen)) Meh its sunday, kinda depressing day because well tomorrow is Monday lol  -BC- released another cuteseh lil dress outfit – comes in several color options.  Owww I was handed this new skin by CYNICAL, which I will be posting more about here soonish.  Lastly lets talk these new pumps by Mstyle  :Q___ the rivea “snake” serious, absolutely yummy!  Before I forget, these necklaces which Im wearing below come in SEVERAL colors and are only 60L this weekend ONLY!  SO after today they will go back to original price.  They also come with a set of earrings – can we say….deal? 😮

Can You Keep Up?

Can You Keep Up?


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