Honey Bunnies

Honey Bunnies

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Never knew that it could mean so much

((listen)) Hey peeps RL has finally slowed down and I have time to dedicate to SL fashion yayyy n stuff – so I’ve decided since its a new year I’ll go out into the SL world as I used to do and take pictures in themed places instead of my normal background, hope you like!

Never knew that it could mean so muc

• SHIRT Blueberry Dawnee – Sweater Cardigans NEW!
Maitreya * #3 * Cut Off Jeans Shorts
Mstyle Dotz Tights
• NECKLACE –  Kibitz – Amelie wooden necklace @FantasyCollective
• RINGS – Ariskea [Trance] Quartz Stone  Silver  Ring @Kustom9
• GLASSES.tsg. Shy Megane
• FOX – Birdy – Bashful Fox @KawaiiProject
• EARS/TAIL –  .aisling. Lubin – Mad /Light/
• EYES– . {Dead Apples} Striking Eyes – Olive
• SHOES –   REIGN.– Boots With The Fur- Grey
Essences – Quinn
• HAIR – /Wasabi Pills/ Amber Mesh Hair @SeasonsStory

Blueberry Sweater Cardigans

Birdy - Bashfull fox @ Kawaii project

All my blood for your love

((listen)) Ohhh Happy Turkey Day guys!  Have a few hours to spare before I throw myself into the food lol Check out the new release by BLUEBERRY, which is this cuteseh dress, now it comes with mesh armwarmers too, and includes a hud you can change the color of the warmers.  ESSENCES released a new skin specifically for the TDRFUsion event, which basically the skins like 70L i believe.  Its more of a softer skin and I am in love with it, so yep go get it.  Def worth the linden.

All my blood for your love

• DRESS/WARMERS –  Blueberry – Rox – Sweater Knit Dress & Armwarmers NEW!
–  DeeTaleZ Pants nylon tights black ripped and solid
–  .Pekka. Chunk chain @TMD
• SHOULDER PIECE –  . a i s l i n g . Fangarth -Shoulders- Gold
• WINGS–   [ S H O C K ] Wings Of Darkness Black #1 Boxed RARE
• EAR WINGS–  [LF] Guardian Ear Wings Gold @We<3RP
RINGS–  Legal Insanity – Jax Knuckle gold BITCH
HEAD PIECE – .Keystone. Celeste @FantasyCollective
• EYES– {Dead Apples} Phantom Eyes – Snow
REIGN.- Quinn Boots- Black @N21
SKIN –  Essences – Quinn @TDRFusion
• HAIR –   [Entwined] Ivery – Blacks @We<3RP

Blueberry Rox Sweater Dresses with Arm Warmers

You love me good, no lie

((listen)) Hiya Peoples – BLUEBERRY released a new leather jacket, I love this creators designs cause they always seem to include a hud where you’re able to change little aspects, in this case you can change the metal in the jacket as well as the lower elastic part, pretty neato.  PEKKA released a new head piece you can pick up over at the Fantasy Collective.

You love me good, no lie

• JACKET –  Blueberry – Mins – Mesh – Leather Zipped Jacket NEW!
–   Blueberry Robin *Mesh* Side Tied Shorts & Panties Blue
–  Mstyle Dotz Tights – Pack 1 LEGGINGS
• HEADPIECE –  .Pekka. Ella circlet @FantasyCollective
• SCARF–  [geek.] You’re a Wizard!! Pak Peach
RINGS–  MG – Earrings and Rings – Gypsy Flower of Antimony @Collabor88
NECKLACE .Pekka. Leather ring collar v2 titanium
• EYES– .ID.  Natural Eyes / Autumn
• SHOES – 
FLite. – Rustic Boots
SKIN –  Essences – Loulou @Cirque de Seraphim
• HAIR –  little bones. Snow Spell I – Ombre&Roots @TheSecretAffair

Blueberry Mins Leather Jackets

Babe, you’re my only cure

((listen)) Welp its Sunday and as always there is a ton of new stuff around the grid – We went over to KUSTOM9 and grabbed this dude outfit for Mike, its pretty neat and the prices are not that bad either.  KEYSTONE released this new head chain which you can pick up over at the SEELIE COURT.  REIGN released some omgah too cute heeled boots over at the N21 event.  BLUEBERRY released two new items, first being the mesh jeans you see on Whisp below – they come with either boot or non boot made mesh, pretty awesome.  They include a belt where you are able to change the color of the belt to your liking.  The top I’m wearing is the second release by BLUEBERRY, and you’re able to change the color of the ties with a hud.

Babe, you're my only cure

On Whisper:

• TOP –  Blueberry – Radi – Mesh Short Tied Cardigans NEW!
COLLAR –  .Pekka. Triquetra @FantasyCollective
PANTS/BELT – Blueberry – Radi – Mesh Belts & Jeans NEW!
BACKPACK –  *BOOM* My Best Friend Backpack – BEAR – tan
HEADPIECE –  .Keystone. Etherin @TheSeelieCourt
HEADBAND–  . Liquence . – Flower Crown
• EYES–  [CheerNo] Eyes.Dilunna_Mesh / Brown#1
– REIGN.- Fiona Boots @N21
SKIN.Birdy. Delilah Skin ~Pure~
• HAIR – +Spellbound+ Velvet // Vintage Blonde @TAG

On Mike:

• TOP – Wonton: Ye’ Collared Top / Gray @Kustom9
• PANTS – Wonton: Nikolai Biker Trousers / Khaki @Kustom9
– Wonton: Lynx Fur Vest / Brown @Kustom9
–  Mad Nerd Glasses (black)
–  GoK– Gold Tooth Double Side Prim Add On
–  .Pekka. rosario necklace v2 brown
[MANDALA] SITENNOAH_watch&bracelet
• TATTOO   .Reckless. – Warrior
• MESH BEARD ::M-Arc Mirror:: Realistic Full Beard 2
• SHOES – Elysium – Arne sandals – light brown (MOH)
THESKINSHOP (09) (SKIN) ‘sky’ (Athletic)
• HAIR –  
Exile::Machinehead Natural Fusion 2 @TMD

New Release! Belts & Jeans (With boots friendly version) & Tied Short Cardigans.


You shoulda crowned her, cause she’s a goddess

((listen)) Hai Guys! Well I wanted to do a quickie post and show off some cool stuff that has been released around the grid.  I must say CHARY released a set of bangles (thank god) that I’ve been wanting someone to create around the grid since ey:no closed up shop!  They come in several metal colors of your choosing too!  PEKKA released a collar/necklace (looove) and you can find that over at the FANTASY COLLECTIVE!

You shoulda crowned her, cause she's a goddess

• SHIRT–  DeeTaleZ Tops MESH Tunic @Collabor88
COLLAR –  .Pekka. Cross chain choker – gold @FantasyCollective
NECKLACE – .Pekka. Supernatural pentacle necklace – gold @FantasyCollective
BANGLE– C h a r y . – Gaia Bangles (Gold) NEW!
FRECKLES –  .Pekka. Freckles + Star mole
• HEADPIECE – .Keystone. Malin / Ward of the wood @TheFantasyCollective
• HORN PIECE – Luas Iballa Headpiece Golden RARE @TalesofFantasy
• BRACER –  Luas Iballa Bracer L Golden RARE @TalesofFantasy
• EYES–  [CheerNo] Eyes.Dilunna_Mesh / Brown#1
SKIN – .Birdy. Dreamer Skin – Pure –
• HAIR –
/Wasabi Pills/ Rachel NEW!






• SHIRT – [Cynful] Sping Hoodie – Black @MonochromeFair
[JuSt CoOl] Oh Yea Baby – Grey NEW!
{mon tissu} Four Corners Readers ~ Black
• PIERCING.Pekka. Clone Unisex Piercing BLACK
• COLLAR.Pekka. Leather ring collar – Black leather @FantasyCollective
• PHONE[ARIA]Smartphone texting
• BELLY PIERCING.Pekka. Navel Cross Unisex Piercing
• SHOES Slink Aussie Thongs Black
• EYES[CheerNo] Eyes.Dilunna_Mesh / Brown#1
LaGyo_Catty headbend
• BRACELETS –B18 / LOVE Bracelet l Silver
[REJECT] Body Co. ROSE Shape
.Birdy. Delilah skin  ~Pure~ Natural
. Liquence . – F8 NEW!