I think we better do it like we’re doing it now

I think we better do it like we're doing it now

• JUMPSUIT– Foxes – V-Neck Jumpsuit – Black @Uber
– MG – Necklace – Sirius Star Crystal @Uber
– Kibitz – Chain collar necklace – gold @SecretAffair
• HEAD CHAIN – .Pekka. Aida headress gold @We<3RP
• HEAD CROWN–  Noodles – Kennedy Halo Ultra Rare @SecretAffair
• EYES– . {Dead Apples} Striking Eyes – Olive
• SHOES –  _CandyDoll_Dolores @Kustom9
SKIN –  Essences – Quinn
• HAIR –  little bones. Vanity Eros @Uber

Foxes - Uber - CelestialDolores @ Kustom9


I’ll go to war for you, let them bring it

((listen)) Uber has a bunch of cuteness at this months round, so before its over I suggest you head over there and get errrrthang!!

I'll go to war for you, let them bring it

• DRESS – Foxes – Peplum Dress – Silver @Uber
– Foxes – Faux Fur shawl – Black @Uber
– Kibitz – Silence sphere necklace @SecretAffair
• NECKLACE – MG – Necklace – Electra Unicorn Horn @Collabor88
• HEAD CROWN–  .Keystone. Jessica @SecretAffair
• STAFFEnfant Terrible. Staff Stainless Steel
• EYE MAKEUP.Pekka. Goth Eyeshadows
• BEAUTY MARKS –  Kibitz – Perfect beauty marks @SecretAffair
• NOSE CHAIN[Keystone] Esme Facial chains 
• EYES– . {Dead Apples} Striking Eyes – Olive
• SHOES –   REIGN.– – Spite Heels- NEW!
Essences – Quinn
• HAIR –  little bones. Diamonds @Uber

Foxes - Uber Opulence - Dec


High price, but I’m worth it baby

((listen)) Hey guys its been a while, but I hope you all had a great holiday season.  So much has been released since my last post but thats OKAY! BLUEBERRY released yet again SOOOO much =O  check out these new pants, they are super tight and actually have a round ass, its amazing really.  BLUEBERRY also released a top to go with the pants which features the tucked in look – am in looove.  REIGN released these cuteseh heals that include a chain (you can change the metal textures via hud) and this lovely handbag over at the UBER event!  Oh yes and the wifey Jada Tigerpaw will be releasing this OMGAH so cuteseh animated mouse here shortly so be on the lookout!

High price, but I'm worth it baby

• SHIRT Blueberry – Moon – Tucked in Shirts NEW!
– Blueberry Ross – Mesh – Leather Pants NEW!
–  MG – Necklace – Valencia Cross @FAMESHED
• HEAD CHAIN –  .Pekka. Eliz headdress @TalesofFantasy
• PURSE – REIGN.- Avantii Handbag- Gray @UBER
• EYES– . {Dead Apples} Striking Eyes – Olive
Essences – Quinn
• HAIR – Blueberry – Ewa – NEW!


Blueberry New Releases - Leather Pants & Tucked in Shirts.

With your big eyes, and your big lies

((listen)) Oh Howdy peeps – ugh Im exhausted, so apologies for the slowness of posts these days – from work to the holidays, I’ve been swamped.  None the less I was super excited to get some new stuffs out to show you!  BLUEBERRY has been a busy busy bee, the Cardigan dress you see below, comes with the choice of no dress (so you can wear just the cardigan) or wear with the dress – I loooove!  Also BLUEBERRY released a new set of hairstyles! Yassss, at the mainstore you’re able to get your grabby hands on four different hairstyles, I’m showing you one of the newest below!  GEEK also released a gacha headband specifically for the BLUEBERRY hair, so head on down and get em done!  N-CORE released a new set of mesh boots in several colors too! Lastely ARISKEA released a new GACHA FURNITURE set =O I know right, check out the details below for landmarks.

With your big eyes, and your big lies

• CARDIGAN/DRESS Blueberry Babi – Mesh – Cardigan & Dress NEW!
[geek.] Mishi Headband RARE Silver NEW!
–  MG – Necklace – Wild Parisienne Pearl Collar @Uber
• PLATE –  Ariskea [ Scandinave ] Plate of Joy Yellow @N21
• TABLE – Ariskea [ Scandinave ] Wood Table with drapes @N21
• SIGN –  Ariskea [ Scandinave ] Joy Bulb Light @N21
• EYES– . {Dead Apples} Striking Eyes – Olive
Essences – Quinn
• HAIR – Blueberry – Babette – Hair Design NEW!

N-core Boots (Rigged Mesh)
N-core BOOTS (Colors)

Blueberry Babi Cardigans Optional Dresses

Blueberry Hair Store Open

People fall in love in mysterious ways….

((listen)) Oh WOW BLUEBERRY released lots this week – check out the new skirt which includes a hud to change the color of the front tie, speaking of ties BLUEBERRY also released this mesh scarf which comes in several sizes and a special hud to change the texture/color as you wish.  WASABI PILLS released this adorbs hair over at the FAMESHED event.  N-CORE released a new set of mesh winter boots, which I loooove and they matched perfectly with todays look.  Enjoy!

People fall in love in mysterious ways....

• SHIRT –  Blueberry – Kits – Basic Tee’s & Suede Skirts NEW!
Blueberry – Kits – Basic Tee’s & Suede Skirts NEW!
– Blueberry – Ember – Mesh – Tied Knit Scarf @WinterTrend
• NECKLACE – MG – Necklace – Dream Happy Fairy Moon @UBER
• SHOULDER PET –  +Half-Deer+ Winter Whimsy – Starlit Ermine @ARCADE
• WATCH/BRACELET –  : Amorous : Silence
• EYES– . {Dead Apples} Striking Eyes – Olive
Essences – Quinn @TDRFusion
• HAIR – /Wasabi Pills/ Holly Mesh Hair @FAMESHED

Blueberry Kits Basic Tees & Suede Skirts

You love me good, no lie

((listen)) Hiya Peoples – BLUEBERRY released a new leather jacket, I love this creators designs cause they always seem to include a hud where you’re able to change little aspects, in this case you can change the metal in the jacket as well as the lower elastic part, pretty neato.  PEKKA released a new head piece you can pick up over at the Fantasy Collective.

You love me good, no lie

• JACKET –  Blueberry – Mins – Mesh – Leather Zipped Jacket NEW!
–   Blueberry Robin *Mesh* Side Tied Shorts & Panties Blue
–  Mstyle Dotz Tights – Pack 1 LEGGINGS
• HEADPIECE –  .Pekka. Ella circlet @FantasyCollective
• SCARF–  [geek.] You’re a Wizard!! Pak Peach
RINGS–  MG – Earrings and Rings – Gypsy Flower of Antimony @Collabor88
NECKLACE .Pekka. Leather ring collar v2 titanium
• EYES– .ID.  Natural Eyes / Autumn
• SHOES – 
FLite. – Rustic Boots
SKIN –  Essences – Loulou @Cirque de Seraphim
• HAIR –  little bones. Snow Spell I – Ombre&Roots @TheSecretAffair

Blueberry Mins Leather Jackets

I’ll take the pleasure, take it with the pain

((listen)) A New round of UBER recently opened and I was able to squeeze my lil pixel self into the sim yay n stuff lol I saw this really amazing mask for Mike, luckily the creator had it set up so you’re able to gift it to someone (really love when creators do this option).  CYNFUL released a new set of its Tweeted pants and you’re able to buy several different belt options for it.  CYNFULS release will be for the Sad November event, which opens 11/1/14.  so mark your calendars!

I'll take the pleasure, take it with the pain

On Whisper:

• TOP –   DRIFT Anais Top NEW!
PANTS –  [Cynful] Tweed Pants – Dark Grey @SadNovember (Opening 11/1/14)
NECKLACE – MG – Necklace – Bachata Chained Cross @Uber
PUPPIES –  [geek.] Sheldon’s Sugar High @TAG!
BAT WINGS – 7mad;Ravens NeonWings-Bat
EYE MAKEUP –  .Pekka. Sugar rush eyeshadows
BANGLESC h a r y . – Gaia Bangles (Silver)
• EYES– {Dead Apples} Phantom Eyes – Snow
SKIN.Birdy. Delilah Skin ~Pure~
• HAIR – TRUTH HAIR Ambrosia –  black & whites @Uber

On Mike:

• HARNESS –  ~Tableau Vivant~Arm Harness + collar
–  [The Forge] Stomach Belt Male, Black
–  [Deadwool] Oberon mask – spiral horns @Uber
• TATTOO   .Reckless. – Warrior
• SHOES –  J’s Studded Long boots
THESKINSHOP (09) (SKIN) ‘sky’ (Athletic)

TAG! Gacha Key with Names

Spend my days locked in a haze

((listen)) Hi Guys, alot of new stuffs in this post 🙂 Enjoy the look ❤

Spend my days locked in a haze

• DRESS –  [Cynful] Vintage Bow Dress – White @Vintage&CoolFair
–  MG – Necklace – Sister Catrina Muertos @Collabor88
– .Pekka. Eye wrinkles and bags
– .Keystone. Anike (Golds) @TalesOfFantasy
• CROWN– Ariskea [Cruor  ]Crown collections @BloodyHorrorFair
• NOSE CHAIN[Keystone] Amary’s Nose chains
HEAD CHAIN– .Keystone. Victoria @TotallyTopShelf
RING–   MG – Rings and Earrings – Sister Catrina Muertos @Collabor88
STAFF[The Forge] Aura Staff GOLD
• EYES–  [CheerNo] Eyes.Dilunna_Mesh / Brown#1
• SHOES –  
REIGN.- Suede Heels- BLACK SAT SALE 75L!
Essences {Ingrid – Uber} Medium02 *brunette* @UBER
• HAIR /Wasabi Pills/ Kat Mesh Hair @TheSeasonsStory

And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate

((listen)) ohhh guys, check out this oh so cute unicorn by GEEK *o* its so cute awwwww.  I stopped over at Collabbor88 and picked up this cuteseh outfit by MILK MOTION.  WASABI PILLS released this hair for the FAMESHED event!  Check out deetz below for infos.

And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate

• SHIRT–  (Milk Motion) loose knit sweater – pale grey @Collabor88
SKIRT –  (Milk Motion) mini pleated leather skirt – black @Collabor88
TIGHTS – Gawk! White Dotted Nylon Tights
NECKLACE – MG – Necklace – Mabon Night Flower @Collabor88
UNICORN– [geek.] Little Last Unicorn @MysticRealms
• BAG –  [geek.] Dont Shoot Bag @BodyModExpo
• GLASSES [The Forge] Hipster Glasses, Black
• EYES–  [CheerNo] Eyes.Dilunna_Mesh / Brown#1
• SHOES – REIGN.– Georgia Sandals-
SKIN – .Birdy. Delilah Skin ~Pure~
• HAIR –
  /Wasabi Pills/ Roberta Mesh Hair @Fameshed

There can be one, only you

((listen)) Welp I couldn’t resist stopping by Kustom9 lol they always have great stuff at this event too!  My poor lil pixel wallet is hating me right about now, but who cant resist good stuffies, right?  BLUEBERRY released this amazing new mesh shirt, it features a tucked in mesh which goes well with basically anything!  ARISKEA released a lovely set of mesh bangles, which also include a colorful droplet necklace, must check it out.

There can be one, only you

• POSES– {Imeka} Violet Pose Pack @Kustom9

• SHIRTBlueberry Myst – Mesh – Unbuttoned Tucked in Shirt NEW!
SKIRT –  Bueno-Hard Luck Denim Skirt-Babybleu @Kustom9
NECKLACE – MG – Necklace – Blood Vial of the Ancients @BlackFashionFair
BANGLE– Ariskea { CHAKRA   } Gemstone Brace @N21 (Opens 8/21)
• PURSE –  AMITOMO.clutch bag -Tabby cat #4 @Kustom9
• EARRINGS – MG – Earrings – Ashira Hoops @Uber
• EYES–  [CheerNo] Eyes.Dilunna_Mesh / Brown#1
SKIN – .Birdy. Delilah Skin ~Pure~
• HAIR –
  MOON{Hair}. Mourning Sickness – Roots @Kustom9