Hiyas ladies!! I will be releasing this outfit in AlterEgo soon, but I wanted to blog it as a teaser while I do other colors and styles. Black is usually the outfit I have done first any whooo, so I hope you likey likey! I think these will be sold in sets, and both top & skirt are mesh. Will have a bunch of different sizes, demos and Queen Packs for sure. So usually you dont see me all dark and mysterious like this, but Idk I been in a funky mood as of late so .. guess I might actually multiple personalities lol, this one will be called “Redemption”. The tattoo I am weaing is one of my favs out of all else, its from -Blackfeet-, found em on the marketplace and fell in love. The colors to be are very vibrant, the tatt itself is rather clear and its also minimal, juss the sleeves. I really like the way it set the outfit tone off, so 5 starts in my book.  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★Ya I know blab blab stfu and tell us where its all from, so here we go … enjoy my “Redemption” ~Toxxic

tp to alterego ::


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You Can’t Intimidate Meh!

Yall ever have a song you juss cant stop listening to? Like all your friends are like “Noooo, not that song again,” but your like all “Rock On Assholes”. Im there, idk this song it juss explains alot of shizz for meh, and I will cuddle it fo lyfe. So ((my song)). Any whoo nuff of that as I listen to my song bahahah, we were up hella late last night … we meaning [myself, suki & katiie]. By the end of the night [5am] we were all fauns, dont ya love frands lol dragging you in theme, well they didnt drag me, I was really jelo bc they were cute and I was eh mediocre cute. That CANNOT happen rofl … so I made a looky, and now you can have the looky too…. Juss scream!! “You did it to yourself!!!!!!” Sorry random rage, was the song bishes …Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!


Below is the fun part … Dive in!

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I See You Waiting

Hai Kitten Stalkazzzz!!!! Took a break last night from making newness for events. And juss decided to take photos of myself bc im vain lolz, but least you gets to see where its all from right? Yeshies, benefits for my vain-ness ftw!!!! Hope you likey … and now, back to the grind, enjoy<333

Click below for Fashion Credits :

Hair by Lelutka :: Hair Fair 2012 ::[LeLutka]- MAGDALEN hair/Dark Grayscale

Top by SU! :: -SU!- Kaylen Shirt Black

Boots by Abyss :: Boots//Stompers [Black]

Tights by Sheer :: *Sheer* Tights 04: Torn Fishnet Black

Chains by Delicious :: ..::DeliciouS::.. Heartache

Nails by WTG :: +:+WTG+:+ **KxR** [F]jeweled nails(for single)

Tattoo by Utopiah :: NEW!! -UtopiaH-  Hey Bitch!! You Are Pathetic Tattoo

Piercings by Hebanon Vial :: :Hebenon Vial: Beast [Ink]

Eyes by ID :: .ID. Moody Vamp NEW!!!

Skin by Al Vulo :: NEW! :[ Al Vulo! ] – [ Julia ] – [ Fatpack sunkissed ]

Collar by Linc :: ** Bound Collar Crossed

Ears by Aitui :: AITUI [MESH] – Elf Ear Lazy – 3/4″ Plug

Eye Lashes by Lelutka ::2011 lashes/long

Eye Make Up by Lara Hurley :: Anya-makeup2 [comes in Anya skin pack]

Skirt by Dirtyland :: NEW – dl:: Hoa Mini Skirt – mesh – M 1

Belt by Dirtyland :: dl:: Discovery Belt

I’ma be that nail in your coffin …

Sayin’ that I soften
I was duckin’ down to reload
So you can save your petty explanations
I don’t have the patience

Before you even say it I know
You let your pride and your ego
Talk slick to me no …..

Hiyas, hello Im on the ball tonight! Blog post & New Release cha chowwww!!!
Just sharing my LOTD today!!!!

Enjoy! I phinks i look smexy <3333

Click below fo tha goodS!!!!!

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Hellur, hai!!! Hope yalls weekend is like awesome-ness! The hubby & I decided to take pics tonight … becoz Ken loves pics!!! heh! Ken was on the hunt to find cool menswear, so we stopped by Razorblade Jacket to check the new shizz out, and baaa bammm!!! We really like how the clothes fit Ken, he is a rather tall avatar, all muscular and buff **he made me say that**, and its been tough for us to find high quality, well made mesh items to fit him properly, and bada bing we found it. So fellas, if you are looking for some new gear, Ken & I highly recommend you stopping by Razorblade Jacket, located on the Depraved Nation sim [East of the Toxxic Sim].  How convenient, you can drop your girlfriends off @ AlterEgo and get yo shop on all @ the same time. Which brings me to what Im rocking … I kinda did some mix & matching from my store [AlterEgo]. My top is a new release, “Werd Mesh tops“, and there is like over 12 werds you can choose from. The hipster jeans Im wearing are like honestly, my favorite jeans in the whole damn store. They are ultra flared at the bottom, bc for some reason I like the cuffs to cover my feet, idk why Im nuts bc I love shoes, but yeh love these jeans. **pats self on the back** So enough of my blabber, you can see the fashion credits below for both of our looks, and then take yo ass shopping! Ladies grab your men!!!!! <3333 ~Toxxi & Ken

Click below for our goods!!! Aghh Ken’s mind is in the guttterrrr!!!!

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It’s a thief in the night to come and grab you

((listen)) owww a normal post!! wow the Hair Fair was/is crazy eh?  Was so much fun but wow took alot from me but I’m super happy to have presented to you all the goodies I was able to get my hands on 🙂  In this post lets discuss the new fab hair from Wasabi Pills which you can get at the Hair Fair. Also PLOOM released a new set of poses, rather awesome  gah u know two things im obsessed with inworld is Hair and poses lol >.>  DRD released a new set of corsets that include the bra type clothing attached already to the original corset template – awesome.

[NV] released some new mesh pant/skirt type things xD ahahah Im not sure what they are but they do look awesome eh?  Kinda reminds me of something you would find in Egypt or something as americans really dont sport em /me shrugs.  Either way they are worth your lindens.  AMOROUS released this new belt this week and I’m not sure you ever even stopped by AMOROUS but you need to!  The quality of their items leaves you saying WOW as you scope around their store.

It's a thief in the night to come and grab you

It's a thief in the night to come and grab you


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I Kiss Skanks

Happy Friday the 13th people, well its now the 14th for me, bc I beez in Miami bish … but hey its aight, this is for the West coast then!!! I got all dolled up and took some pics and Im here to show it all off …whewwww!!!! Had to poke in, and rub up on Whispy, whose been bz off her arse today, gettin yall ready for the Hair Fair whewwwww /me screamsssssss ❤ hair!!!!! So take a seat and molest me with your eyeballs!!!!! Yehh that felt goood …. Enjoy bebezzzz! ~Toxxi

Clicky below to tickle Toxxi …. ok who touched my ass? **looks around**

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your heart is real

Helloooo Luvs ❤ (Tuneage) I got some news for you! DeLa released a few new styles of hair, one of which I fell in love with 🙂 Chronokit released this adorable new shirt. I LOOOOVE the details on all of their creations, and the color options are amazing. Maitreya took their Radical mesh boots and released them in awesome new suede texture. For a limited time, VIPs can purchase this color for 70% off so make sure you run by and grab it, no one can ever have enough mesh boots, especially of this quality, and this one update group you will want to be in all the time. EY:NO released this cute necklace that has a color change gem stone. I hope you all are getting ready for the holiday, make sure you have a drink (or 5) for me =)



Your heart is real, it isn't bulletproof

your heart is real, it isn't bulletproof still


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wide awake

Helloooo luvs! OMG I’m so in love with this song! I am sorry for my MIA for the past two weeks, I have been trying to be a good daughter and take care of my sick momma, althou I think she wanted to throw me out of her hospital room window a few times LOL. All is well now, especially since I came back to a new round of Perfect Wardrobe, YAY! The theme is Summertime and there is an amazing assortment of awesomeness and I have featured a bunch of them below. NV released these AMAZING mesh shorts I am wearing below. They are definitely a must have. D!va released this cute hair I found in my inventory, the flowers are amazing and you even turn them off if you want. I better stop rambling and get to the goodies, but make sure you stop by Perfect wardrobe, this round is definitely one of my favs and you will not be disappointed, your taxi is below!



I'm wide awake still

I'm wide awake


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