Trick or Treat smell my feet give me something good to eat >:]

Haluu all /me sends you kisses and hugs – well Halloween is like a few days away :O and I’m so excited!  Today Sticky Fingers released the below dress – as all her things, this one is again – amazing!  Owww I forgot to share with you all the other week, some Poses that ploom released for Halloween – they fit perfectly with this lil pumpkin pail I found on marketplace.  Also the background you see behind me, chair – pumpkin, etc is available on Marketplace for UNO Linden, yesh 1L!! OMGAH I almost forgot about another newly fav belt that was just released by PEPPER! *o* so in love, as I love the spike belt she released a long while ago.  Lastly (lol fml) I almost double forgot to remind you of KOSH’s special this weekend.  The necklace below is only 1L and comes in either male or female special.


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So full of rage

((listen)) btw this song is so badass, the lyrics *.*  O M G!!! Al Vulo released this new amazing POLLON skin and its so completely breathaking, I loooove the bonus skin as well!!! so much.  Spiri Store also released these new jumpsuits and wtfack, they are so freakin amazing as well.  What a great day in fashion xD

•JUMPSUIT Spirit Store – Jasmin bodysuit red NEW!
• SKIN [Al Vulo! Skin] – [ pollon ] – [ fatpack tan ] NEW!
• LEGGINGS *Sheer* Tights 08: Torn Shiny Black
• LIP PIERCING [ni.Ju] Chain Chomp Piercing
• TATTOO .:: Delusions ::. The scars of your love tattoo
• TEARS :: YaYo :: – Cry Baby – Running Mascara
• NECKLACE Fet!sh – BDSM Ring-Sation – Collar – Black Rubber
• EYES -Sorry.Asia– Cry For Me NEW!
• BRACELETS *BLITZED* Legacy Cuffs – black
• HORNS Schadenfreude Kinder Horns
SHOES *DD* Sonata Dark Boots Black


No sir I do not have a hair stylist certification

Apple May Designs released a new outfit and a beautiful new skin today *.* My entire post was created from this new belt EY:NO released 🙂 Comes in several colors and is resizeable.  I swear there is a bunch of newness in this post, you’re gonna have to scroll down to the details for info 😀  If you stop by the cupcakes sim you can get these awesome jeans that include the hooves for only 50L!


•SHIRTApple May Design – Ira NEW!
• PANTS *Epic* Sho-low Faun/Demon Baggy Bell Bottoms 50L @ Cupcakes
• SKIN  (AMD) Teegan NEW!
• BELT [EY:NO] Want a Haircut?!? (Belts) NEW!
• TATTOO [GLUE INK] Regret Tatt NEW!
• NECKLACE Sorry.Asia–  Lost.Love Necklace NEW!
• JELLY BRACELETS . Legit . Jelly Bracelets Rainbow  ((avail soon))
• HAIR BOW (TokiD) kami ribon – rose
• COLLAR ~Pepper~ Choker Signs NEW!
• SHOES – Hooves included with the jeans from epic above ^ /me points

GLUE INK released a new tattoo called “regrets” which features either black or colored ink, really an awesome designs.  Go get yours today!



I have a bunch of newness you show you this evening 😀 First off lets talk about the top I am wearing which is a FREEBIE GIFT from PIXELDOLLS – no group entry, Just go to the store HERE and buy the shirt at OL.  AMD (Apple May Designs) released two new ADORABLE *gasps* skins :s I think I won’t take them off for atleast a couple days LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

• SHIRT PixelDolls (Romance) Prarie . Cherry Pink . Gift! NEW FREE!
• JEANS ** Tyra Jeans Bleached Blue w/ Skinny Cuffs NEW!
• SKIN (AMD) Misha – Carmel – Inspiration NEW!

N-Core has several new releases that had me drooling!  I will show you the others in more post to come for now I leave you to gaze upon these pretty, sleek heels.  To which you can change to fit your skin tone, nail police, ring *.*  TP TO N-CORE

Lastly AMD’s New releases – so adorable!!!  You can check out the store HERE and pick up some demos ^^

Why is everybody so serious! Acting so damn mysterious

((listen)) Running along with the First Pump with the best HUNT – Label Me Inc is offering a cute set of chopsticks that attach to your mouth and a sweet little purse xD Just stop by Label Me Inc and search for the Hunt Prize. Also for those who do not know – AL VULO is giving away this skin for FREE as well, available as a Hunt prize.  Just search for the tiny cat head – HINT: its outside of the store.  I’d like to send a special thank you to Roxie Darkmatter for bringing this to my attention <333

• SHIRT – FK Virtues – nini-girl Tee ((Faith Kaestner))
• PANTS – [frenzy] Rolled Denim Jeans Eroded ((Shawty Neox))
• JACKET – *ARAI* Nylon parka_glay ((mappy Handrick))
• CHOPSTICKS/PURSE – FPWTB #24 Label Me Inc ((Koah Spingflower)) FREE!
• SKIN– al vulo- emy*  DKH hunt claveage bronze FREE!
• NECKLACE – ~Pepper~ Multi Necklace ((Danni Pfeffer)) 50L
• BELT – *BLITZED* Legacy belt – Black ((eko Merlin))
• SHOES – Kboots- black – boxed ((Ju Weissnicht))
• HAIR ((JUNWAVE))Delila*BLACK* ((LGM Jun))

No matter what I have to do….

((listen)) Happy Humpday to all \o/ I picked up the below dress over at TDR 😀 its super cute, comes with prims for sleeves you can mod to fit your avatar, also included are the leggings. I’d like to draw special attention to the jewelry I’m wearing ((necklace and bracelet)) which will only be available at the upcoming Theme Market being held this Saturday … mark your calendars.  Each item in the Theme Market will run 75L or LESS :O /me dies.  This months theme is “vintage” hence BellBalls came out with this pretty jewelry set which includes the necklace and bracelet pictured.  I should also mention that the necklace WILL be avail instore in various colors, HOWEVER….. the bracelet will never be released AGAIN!!! So bookmark this as a MUST get this saturday.

• OUTFIT – Baiastice_Giulia dress white & black leggings ((TDR)) 70L!
• NECKLACE/BRACELET –[bellballs] Theme Market– Draped in pearls set 75L!
• BOOTS – [Gos] Curvaceous Boots in Black ((Gospel Voom))
• HAIR ((JUNWAVE))Cecily(CutOff)*BLACK* ((LGM Jun))

Now I got you, at the barrel of my gun….

Gonna keep you, gonna freak you, until I have my fun
Boy, you can’t run, you can’t hide from me
I’m a killer
You can’t run, once I like what I see
I’m a killer (k-k-k-k-killing for fun)

((listen)) xD mmhmm its a Cataracs day and this song makes me laugh because well “I’m a killer” \o/ Such an amazing release day – Hucci /me girlie screams – came out with some new releases, all available in various colors of your choosing.  The top is effing amazing, sculpty and all :Q____ and for all of you who need some awesome freebies today – Hucci has a group gift of this shirt in a different color avail – see below.

• SHIRT – ::HH:: Hucci Carrie Tank – Zebra ((Eboni Khan)) NEW!
• PANTS – ::HH:: Hucci Ribbon Leggings – Black ((Eboni Khan)) NEW!
• GLOVES – .:Hermony:. / LeatherGloves / Black Pack ((Hermanni Laville))
• CHEST TATTOO – *SC* Evil Bitch ((avail here))
• SKIN– [al vulo] – S-Vampy skin gift ((Hlin Bluebird)) FREE!
• NECKLACE – *YS&YS* Afrika Set Silver ((Monyka Benelli))
• SHAPE – Marie – LAQ VILDA ((avail here))
• SHOES – N-core SENSE XtremeHeel “GroupGift” ((Claire Messenger))

FREE HUCCI GROUP GIFT!! join subsciber


Lasty I was alerted by my wifey/sobri/belcita that today is WOMENS day xD So in honor of WOMENS day, she released the following tattoo and will be available in her shop for 10L TP HERE

Do it again, and again till you say my name

((listen)) first song I heard today and its kinda sorta stuck on repeat lol Anything to do with Cataracs makes me moan :Q___ Anywho, This is a basic look for today – I have some plastik and Hucci newness coming in future post here today \o/  Grixdale has a Gacha machine for 25L you can get a tank top kinda like the one I have on below 😀  btw I freakin adore Pig’s socks <333

Special thankies to Kathya for providing me with this caute shape – I love her face :s

• SHIRT – Grixdale {Heather Tops}  Onyx ((Tyr Rozenblum))
SHORTS – -tb- Denim Cutoff shorts ((Julliette Westerburg))
• SOCKS – Pig – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – Black ((Apatia Hammerer))
• SKIN– [al vulo] – S-Vampy skin gift ((Hlin Bluebird)) FREE!
• NECKLACE – *SiSSi* Leash Silver Light chain necklace ((Sissi String))
• SHAPE – Marie – LAQ VILDA ((avail here))
• SHOES – {SMS} Lazy Boots Grey ((Irie Campese))