I’ll go to war for you, let them bring it

((listen)) Uber has a bunch of cuteness at this months round, so before its over I suggest you head over there and get errrrthang!!

I'll go to war for you, let them bring it

• DRESS – Foxes – Peplum Dress – Silver @Uber
– Foxes – Faux Fur shawl – Black @Uber
– Kibitz – Silence sphere necklace @SecretAffair
• NECKLACE – MG – Necklace – Electra Unicorn Horn @Collabor88
• HEAD CROWN–  .Keystone. Jessica @SecretAffair
• STAFFEnfant Terrible. Staff Stainless Steel
• EYE MAKEUP.Pekka. Goth Eyeshadows
• BEAUTY MARKS –  Kibitz – Perfect beauty marks @SecretAffair
• NOSE CHAIN[Keystone] Esme Facial chains 
• EYES– . {Dead Apples} Striking Eyes – Olive
• SHOES –   REIGN.– – Spite Heels- NEW!
Essences – Quinn
• HAIR –  little bones. Diamonds @Uber

Foxes - Uber Opulence - Dec



All my blood for your love

((listen)) Ohhh Happy Turkey Day guys!  Have a few hours to spare before I throw myself into the food lol Check out the new release by BLUEBERRY, which is this cuteseh dress, now it comes with mesh armwarmers too, and includes a hud you can change the color of the warmers.  ESSENCES released a new skin specifically for the TDRFUsion event, which basically the skins like 70L i believe.  Its more of a softer skin and I am in love with it, so yep go get it.  Def worth the linden.

All my blood for your love

• DRESS/WARMERS –  Blueberry – Rox – Sweater Knit Dress & Armwarmers NEW!
–  DeeTaleZ Pants nylon tights black ripped and solid
–  .Pekka. Chunk chain @TMD
• SHOULDER PIECE –  . a i s l i n g . Fangarth -Shoulders- Gold
• WINGS–   [ S H O C K ] Wings Of Darkness Black #1 Boxed RARE
• EAR WINGS–  [LF] Guardian Ear Wings Gold @We<3RP
RINGS–  Legal Insanity – Jax Knuckle gold BITCH
HEAD PIECE – .Keystone. Celeste @FantasyCollective
• EYES– {Dead Apples} Phantom Eyes – Snow
REIGN.- Quinn Boots- Black @N21
SKIN –  Essences – Quinn @TDRFusion
• HAIR –   [Entwined] Ivery – Blacks @We<3RP

Blueberry Rox Sweater Dresses with Arm Warmers

There’s nothing left for me to think about

((listen)) Halu, so LUAS released a new gacha outfit you can get your grabby hands on over at the Secret Affair, so try your luck to get the goodies I’m wearing.  I wanted to go into a lil details about NCORES new system, shoes, etc.  So check out the deetz below.

There’s nothing left for me to think about

• DRESS –  Luas Ygritte Dress S Black @TheSecretAffair
–  Luas Ygritte Pauldrons RARE @TheSecretAffair
–  Luas Ygritte Warmers S RARE @TheSecretAffair
• HEADPIECE –  .Keystone. Woodlander Headpieces @TheSecretAffair
• STAFFEnfant Terrible. Staff Stainless Steel
FEATHERS–  ::Exile:: Silent Wings: Naturals
COLLARS .Pekka. Ring collar – silver
• EYES– .ID.  Natural Eyes / Autumn
N-core EMBRACE (Need New Ncore Extreme feet) NEW!
Essences – Loulou @Cirque de Seraphim
• HAIR –   ~Tableau Vivant~ Wicca hair – Shadows @Collabor88

So N-CORE released a new system, with their own mesh feet, tights, etc – check out below information

N-core "The New System" Rigged Mesh Feet

* Rigged mesh feet.
3 styles: Flat, Medium, Xtreme
(re-shaped & re-textured for a more realistic look!)

* Stockings & Tattoos (appliers)

* N-core Click&Match
Easy skin match with the web- based matching system. Huge database of skins.

* SKIN APPLIERS also available!

* Skin matching requests:
For those skins not available yet in the database/appliers we commit to send you the RBG codes for your skin (upon request)

* ADD-ON shoes. Lots of add-ons coming soon

* Developer kit: make shoes for N-core feet (*Limited licenses*, more info soon)


– Personal HUD that allow you to put your own textures to the feet, nails, stockings, tattoos…


N-core *The New System*
Rigged mesh Bare Feet


You will find a wide range of products for your N-core feet as:

-Add-on shoes
-Skin appliers (*free* at N-core Mainstore)
-Personal HUD that allow you to customize your feet (skin, stockings, tattoos & nails) with your own textures! (*free* at N-core Mainstore)
-Appliers HUD for: Stockings, tattoos & nails

GIFT! Nails applier for your N-core Feet (Rigged Mesh)


You can match your N-core feet with the Skin Appliers offered at the mainstore or using the “Click&Match” HUD web-based matching system included in the feet folder. If your skin brand is not yet available you can manually match your skin through the Skin HUD included also in the feet folder (color picker/RGB values)

N-core SKIN APPLIERS (For Rigged Mesh Feet)

But on good days I am charming as fuck

((listen)) SAD NOVEMBER is now open, CANDYDOLL released this uber cute jacket/dress for the event and it includes a hud you’re able to change the color of the bow and metal buttons.  PEKKA released a bangle/choker combo for the event as well.  I stopped over at FAMESHED and got this gorgeous hair by LITTLE BONES, def a win!

But on good days I am charming as fuck

• JACKET–   _CandyDoll_ Lolita Coat @SadNovember
–  [Keystone]  Charmed
– [Keystone]  Amary’s Nose chains
–  [Keystone]  Kynn Headpiece
CHOKER– .Pekka. Supernatural choker – steel @SadNovember
HEAD CROWN–  Luas Orianna Crown Silver RARE @FantasyGachaCarnival (11/4/14)
• EYES–  [CheerNo] Eyes.Dilunna_Mesh / Brown#1
• SHOES – 
REIGN.– Mina Heels- 
SKIN –  
Essences – Emma
• HAIR little bones. Transmute – Ombre&Roots @Fameshed

Babe, you’re my only cure

((listen)) Welp its Sunday and as always there is a ton of new stuff around the grid – We went over to KUSTOM9 and grabbed this dude outfit for Mike, its pretty neat and the prices are not that bad either.  KEYSTONE released this new head chain which you can pick up over at the SEELIE COURT.  REIGN released some omgah too cute heeled boots over at the N21 event.  BLUEBERRY released two new items, first being the mesh jeans you see on Whisp below – they come with either boot or non boot made mesh, pretty awesome.  They include a belt where you are able to change the color of the belt to your liking.  The top I’m wearing is the second release by BLUEBERRY, and you’re able to change the color of the ties with a hud.

Babe, you're my only cure

On Whisper:

• TOP –  Blueberry – Radi – Mesh Short Tied Cardigans NEW!
COLLAR –  .Pekka. Triquetra @FantasyCollective
PANTS/BELT – Blueberry – Radi – Mesh Belts & Jeans NEW!
BACKPACK –  *BOOM* My Best Friend Backpack – BEAR – tan
HEADPIECE –  .Keystone. Etherin @TheSeelieCourt
HEADBAND–  . Liquence . – Flower Crown
• EYES–  [CheerNo] Eyes.Dilunna_Mesh / Brown#1
– REIGN.- Fiona Boots @N21
SKIN.Birdy. Delilah Skin ~Pure~
• HAIR – +Spellbound+ Velvet // Vintage Blonde @TAG

On Mike:

• TOP – Wonton: Ye’ Collared Top / Gray @Kustom9
• PANTS – Wonton: Nikolai Biker Trousers / Khaki @Kustom9
– Wonton: Lynx Fur Vest / Brown @Kustom9
–  Mad Nerd Glasses (black)
–  GoK– Gold Tooth Double Side Prim Add On
–  .Pekka. rosario necklace v2 brown
[MANDALA] SITENNOAH_watch&bracelet
• TATTOO   .Reckless. – Warrior
• MESH BEARD ::M-Arc Mirror:: Realistic Full Beard 2
• SHOES – Elysium – Arne sandals – light brown (MOH)
THESKINSHOP (09) (SKIN) ‘sky’ (Athletic)
• HAIR –  
Exile::Machinehead Natural Fusion 2 @TMD

New Release! Belts & Jeans (With boots friendly version) & Tied Short Cardigans.


Spend my days locked in a haze

((listen)) Hi Guys, alot of new stuffs in this post 🙂 Enjoy the look ❤

Spend my days locked in a haze

• DRESS –  [Cynful] Vintage Bow Dress – White @Vintage&CoolFair
–  MG – Necklace – Sister Catrina Muertos @Collabor88
– .Pekka. Eye wrinkles and bags
– .Keystone. Anike (Golds) @TalesOfFantasy
• CROWN– Ariskea [Cruor  ]Crown collections @BloodyHorrorFair
• NOSE CHAIN[Keystone] Amary’s Nose chains
HEAD CHAIN– .Keystone. Victoria @TotallyTopShelf
RING–   MG – Rings and Earrings – Sister Catrina Muertos @Collabor88
STAFF[The Forge] Aura Staff GOLD
• EYES–  [CheerNo] Eyes.Dilunna_Mesh / Brown#1
• SHOES –  
REIGN.- Suede Heels- BLACK SAT SALE 75L!
Essences {Ingrid – Uber} Medium02 *brunette* @UBER
• HAIR /Wasabi Pills/ Kat Mesh Hair @TheSeasonsStory

Bang Bang there goes your heart

((listen)) Im super excited about this blog post cause I wanted to show off the hard work of my wifey, Jada (owner of Geek) and the also to Mishi (Owner of Blueberry) they both got together to create this hoodie vest for their store CLOUD9, you can find the mesh over at The Mens Dept!  Totally unisex too so check out the deetz below!

Bang Bang there goes your heart

• HOODIE–   CLOUD9 The First Pak Female Black @TMD
–  Gawk! Red Mini Shirt “Bish”
.Pekka. Solid metal spiked collar – Steel
– [Keystone] Whyt NEW!
Blueberry – Bisquit – Crop Tops & Strapped Skirts NEW!
BLOODY NOSE.Pekka. Nose Bleed V2
EYE SCAR–  Corvus : Cheek Scars
EYE MAKEUP.Pekka. Goth Eyeshadows
• EYES–  [CheerNo] Eyes.Dilunna_Mesh / Brown#1
• SHOES – 
FLite. -Skyhigh
Essences {Ingrid – Uber} Medium02 *brunette* @UBER
• HAIR  ILLMATIC :: Frenchie – Noir

Introducing Cloud9!!

Got all the right junk in all the right places

Got all the right junk in all the right places

• TOP/SKIRT–   Blueberry – Bisquit – Crop Tops & Strapped Skirts NEW!
– .Pekka. Third eye Necklace @MysticRealms (Coming Oct 10)
– [Keystone] Whyt NEW!
–  .Pekka. Third eye head chain @MysticRealms (Coming Oct 10)
HEADBAND– Luas Corina Headpiece RARE @TheSecretAffair
BELT–  LUAS Ishtar Belt Golden RARE
LIPSTICK–  Essences – Ingrid {Kiss’n’Go} Wandering Rose @UBER
• EYES–  [CheerNo] Eyes.Dilunna_Mesh / Brown#1
• SHOES –  
.Keystone. Toe Wraps NEW!
Essences {Ingrid – Uber} Medium02 *brunette* @UBER
• HAIR /Wasabi Pills/ Lea Mesh Hair @UBER

Blueberry Bisquit Crop Top and Strapped Skirts

I’ll fall right into you

Hi Guys, welp Ive been in this outfit prolly for a month – apologies but Ive been in real life with Mike 😛 Anyways now that we’ve settled into rl I can dedicate some time back to blogging.  Mikes outfit is mostly made up from stuff from last TMD (yes we’re totally back logged here lol)

I'll fall right into you

• DRESSBlueberry  Blueberry – Ronnie – Mesh – Denim Corset Tutu Dresses
BANGLES –  C h a r y . – Gaia Bangles (Black)
HORNS –  Luas Malefica horns
HEADPIECE[Keystone]  .Keystone. Fae’Leth Headpiece 
• NOSE CHAIN –  [Keystone] Amary’s Nose chains 
• EYES–  {Dead Apples} Phantom Eyes – Snow
• SHOES –  REIGN.– High Society Heels-
SKIN – .Birdy. Delilah Skin ~Pure~
• HAIR –
  /Wasabi Pills/ Mandy Mesh Hair

You shoulda crowned her, cause she’s a goddess

((listen)) Hai Guys! Well I wanted to do a quickie post and show off some cool stuff that has been released around the grid.  I must say CHARY released a set of bangles (thank god) that I’ve been wanting someone to create around the grid since ey:no closed up shop!  They come in several metal colors of your choosing too!  PEKKA released a collar/necklace (looove) and you can find that over at the FANTASY COLLECTIVE!

You shoulda crowned her, cause she's a goddess

• SHIRT–  DeeTaleZ Tops MESH Tunic @Collabor88
COLLAR –  .Pekka. Cross chain choker – gold @FantasyCollective
NECKLACE – .Pekka. Supernatural pentacle necklace – gold @FantasyCollective
BANGLE– C h a r y . – Gaia Bangles (Gold) NEW!
FRECKLES –  .Pekka. Freckles + Star mole
• HEADPIECE – .Keystone. Malin / Ward of the wood @TheFantasyCollective
• HORN PIECE – Luas Iballa Headpiece Golden RARE @TalesofFantasy
• BRACER –  Luas Iballa Bracer L Golden RARE @TalesofFantasy
• EYES–  [CheerNo] Eyes.Dilunna_Mesh / Brown#1
SKIN – .Birdy. Dreamer Skin – Pure –
• HAIR –
/Wasabi Pills/ Rachel NEW!