There’s always a wild side to an innocent face

There's always a wild side to an innocent face

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With your big eyes, and your big lies

((listen)) Oh Howdy peeps – ugh Im exhausted, so apologies for the slowness of posts these days – from work to the holidays, I’ve been swamped.  None the less I was super excited to get some new stuffs out to show you!  BLUEBERRY has been a busy busy bee, the Cardigan dress you see below, comes with the choice of no dress (so you can wear just the cardigan) or wear with the dress – I loooove!  Also BLUEBERRY released a new set of hairstyles! Yassss, at the mainstore you’re able to get your grabby hands on four different hairstyles, I’m showing you one of the newest below!  GEEK also released a gacha headband specifically for the BLUEBERRY hair, so head on down and get em done!  N-CORE released a new set of mesh boots in several colors too! Lastely ARISKEA released a new GACHA FURNITURE set =O I know right, check out the details below for landmarks.

With your big eyes, and your big lies

• CARDIGAN/DRESS Blueberry Babi – Mesh – Cardigan & Dress NEW!
[geek.] Mishi Headband RARE Silver NEW!
–  MG – Necklace – Wild Parisienne Pearl Collar @Uber
• PLATE –  Ariskea [ Scandinave ] Plate of Joy Yellow @N21
• TABLE – Ariskea [ Scandinave ] Wood Table with drapes @N21
• SIGN –  Ariskea [ Scandinave ] Joy Bulb Light @N21
• EYES– . {Dead Apples} Striking Eyes – Olive
Essences – Quinn
• HAIR – Blueberry – Babette – Hair Design NEW!

N-core Boots (Rigged Mesh)
N-core BOOTS (Colors)

Blueberry Babi Cardigans Optional Dresses

Blueberry Hair Store Open

People fall in love in mysterious ways….

((listen)) Oh WOW BLUEBERRY released lots this week – check out the new skirt which includes a hud to change the color of the front tie, speaking of ties BLUEBERRY also released this mesh scarf which comes in several sizes and a special hud to change the texture/color as you wish.  WASABI PILLS released this adorbs hair over at the FAMESHED event.  N-CORE released a new set of mesh winter boots, which I loooove and they matched perfectly with todays look.  Enjoy!

People fall in love in mysterious ways....

• SHIRT –  Blueberry – Kits – Basic Tee’s & Suede Skirts NEW!
Blueberry – Kits – Basic Tee’s & Suede Skirts NEW!
– Blueberry – Ember – Mesh – Tied Knit Scarf @WinterTrend
• NECKLACE – MG – Necklace – Dream Happy Fairy Moon @UBER
• SHOULDER PET –  +Half-Deer+ Winter Whimsy – Starlit Ermine @ARCADE
• WATCH/BRACELET –  : Amorous : Silence
• EYES– . {Dead Apples} Striking Eyes – Olive
Essences – Quinn @TDRFusion
• HAIR – /Wasabi Pills/ Holly Mesh Hair @FAMESHED

Blueberry Kits Basic Tees & Suede Skirts

There’s nothing left for me to think about

((listen)) Halu, so LUAS released a new gacha outfit you can get your grabby hands on over at the Secret Affair, so try your luck to get the goodies I’m wearing.  I wanted to go into a lil details about NCORES new system, shoes, etc.  So check out the deetz below.

There’s nothing left for me to think about

• DRESS –  Luas Ygritte Dress S Black @TheSecretAffair
–  Luas Ygritte Pauldrons RARE @TheSecretAffair
–  Luas Ygritte Warmers S RARE @TheSecretAffair
• HEADPIECE –  .Keystone. Woodlander Headpieces @TheSecretAffair
• STAFFEnfant Terrible. Staff Stainless Steel
FEATHERS–  ::Exile:: Silent Wings: Naturals
COLLARS .Pekka. Ring collar – silver
• EYES– .ID.  Natural Eyes / Autumn
N-core EMBRACE (Need New Ncore Extreme feet) NEW!
Essences – Loulou @Cirque de Seraphim
• HAIR –   ~Tableau Vivant~ Wicca hair – Shadows @Collabor88

So N-CORE released a new system, with their own mesh feet, tights, etc – check out below information

N-core "The New System" Rigged Mesh Feet

* Rigged mesh feet.
3 styles: Flat, Medium, Xtreme
(re-shaped & re-textured for a more realistic look!)

* Stockings & Tattoos (appliers)

* N-core Click&Match
Easy skin match with the web- based matching system. Huge database of skins.

* SKIN APPLIERS also available!

* Skin matching requests:
For those skins not available yet in the database/appliers we commit to send you the RBG codes for your skin (upon request)

* ADD-ON shoes. Lots of add-ons coming soon

* Developer kit: make shoes for N-core feet (*Limited licenses*, more info soon)


– Personal HUD that allow you to put your own textures to the feet, nails, stockings, tattoos…


N-core *The New System*
Rigged mesh Bare Feet


You will find a wide range of products for your N-core feet as:

-Add-on shoes
-Skin appliers (*free* at N-core Mainstore)
-Personal HUD that allow you to customize your feet (skin, stockings, tattoos & nails) with your own textures! (*free* at N-core Mainstore)
-Appliers HUD for: Stockings, tattoos & nails

GIFT! Nails applier for your N-core Feet (Rigged Mesh)


You can match your N-core feet with the Skin Appliers offered at the mainstore or using the “Click&Match” HUD web-based matching system included in the feet folder. If your skin brand is not yet available you can manually match your skin through the Skin HUD included also in the feet folder (color picker/RGB values)

N-core SKIN APPLIERS (For Rigged Mesh Feet)

Who booty is it?

((listen)) Hey Guys ahhahah I love this song – New stuffies is this cuteseh hair from WASABI PILLS which you are able to buy over at FAMESHED.  Next we have this new mesh shortie sweater by GAWK which you can find over at the With Love Fair, comes in several colors of your choosing.  Lastly we have CYNFUL releasing another different mix up of their SKINNY JEANS (love the color for this one) which you can find over at the Saturday Sale Event!
Who Booty is it?


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Voor jou

((listen)) Guys, HELLO IM BACK – after a much needed month + some off I managed to find my way back to you all.  SO much to catch up on, lets start with this new mesh dress by DEETALEZ which can be found at the BOHO CULTURE FAIR, it comes in various colors and is super cute! Also ESSENCES released a new skin called SONG which can be found at the COSMETIC FAIR, and comes with several different lipsticks you can purchase separately.  Lastly N-CORE released some super sexy new mesh heels, check em out below!

Voor Jou


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I’ve got my ticket for the long way ’round

((listen)) Me again xD Hey listen if you havent made it into the ARCADE Event no worries, I got most if not all my stuffs from Yard Sales *o* This is the first round I opted to go Yard Sale hunting and it was pretty cool beans, make sure to just search “Arcade” and/or “yard Sales” using inworld search!  Anyways check out the new heels by N-Core they are FAB!  They include a hud as always and you’re able to easily change the spikes from gold or silver, I urge you to get the fatpack cause then there is limitless possibilities of combinations!  Oh Yes and a new shape by REJECT! Wewt!

I've got my ticket for the long way 'round


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Beneath Your Beautiful

((listen)) Owww Guys I haven’t abandoned you, Ive just been burnt out – but alas im back with some cuteness.  Lets start off with the COLLABOR88 event which is birthday themed.  I bought this adorable hairstyle by Lamb and top shirt by Tee*fy.  I also found these cool new cross bangles on marketplace =O so cute.  N-CORE released some wayy adorable new sandals, it comes with a hud where you’re able to change the gems from gold to silver.

Beneath Your Beautiful


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