:[P]: Plastik -Airen:-

Plastik Released a new series of dresses “AIREN” which come in several colors for your choosing – cute thing I love about this release, would be the options the dresses come with….. which are Prim attachments – Small circles, dots, etc that rest around the chest and pelvis area.  In order to attach the skirt and tiny dot prims you will need to “add” the dots to your avatar – gotta love this new feature in sl *.*

•DRESS:[P]:-Airen:-Noir NEW!
•FACE TATTOO -Sorry.Asia– Tribal Make-UP (2)
• SKIN [Al Vulo! Skin] – [ Matilde] – [ Pale ]
• BRACELETS  SiniStyle J Bracelets
• EARS [ P E R A ] Le Faune { Pure } Summer of Love Fair
• PLUGS ~Pepper~ Plugs Black NEW! (i love them :3)
• NAILS Mstyle Long Nails v2 – Matte Pack 1
HOOVES [ P E R A ] Le Faune { Pure } Summer of Love Fair
• HAIR[Detour] Kaeli – Black – Flexi Hair



Give me everything tonight ( っ ‘๐’)つ⌒♥

((listen)) man this new song by pitbull is awesomeeeeeeee TE EXTRANO bb – anywho I wanted to go back to my lil awesome hoove loving self so here u go – enjoy. Btw Glue ink released some bad ass tattoos and face tats /me girlie screams.  On wednesday, LEGIT will be involved in the 50L wednesday deal that always goes around the grid – I know u cant see it rather well in the pics below so I’ll post it again tomorrow – however, the necklace is a small locket you can put you, your partners, friends, etc pictures in.  Very cuteseh and for only 50L!  And again, will be available on Wednesday.

• DRESS TrendStyle – Lace Dress Tina black NEW!
• SKIN[Al Vulo! Skin ] – [cloei] – [bohemiene milk ] TFG
• NECKLACE . Legit . Locket Necklace 50L (avail wednesday)
• TATTOO [GLUE INK] *~Only God Can Judge~* NEW!
• JELLIES BRACELETS . Legit . Jelly Bracelets Red <33 (soon to be released)
• FACE TATTOO [GLUE INK] *~Starie Eyes Face TaT~* NEW!
• HOOVES [ P E R A ] Le Faune { Black }
• HAIR(Milana) Hair  – Asuka

Drama queen stand behind your rampart as your kingdom falls

((listen)) AMD aka Apple May Designs released several things today :O /me girlie screams.  New “fantasy” skins and beautiful outfits, scroll down to see MORE 😀

• DRESS Apple May Designs – Cherry NEW!
• NECKLACE/BRACELET Apple May Designs – B&W Pearls NEW!
• FACE MAKEUP -Sorry.Asia– Tribal Make-UP (2) NEW!
• SKIN (AMD) Misha – Gothly – Fantasy NEW!
• RING –  Apple May Designs – Heart Felt Rings NEW!
• HORNS/EARS [ P E R A ] Le Faune { Pure } Summer of Love Fair
• HOOVES [ P E R A ] Le Faune { Pure } Summer of Love Fair
• HAIR – >TRUTH< HAIR Bea –  black & whites

NEW FANTASY SKINS FROM AMD – each tone comes with two different choices for lips and shadow, see below