how you like me now?


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Hellur, hai!!! Hope yalls weekend is like awesome-ness! The hubby & I decided to take pics tonight … becoz Ken loves pics!!! heh! Ken was on the hunt to find cool menswear, so we stopped by Razorblade Jacket to check the new shizz out, and baaa bammm!!! We really like how the clothes fit Ken, he is a rather tall avatar, all muscular and buff **he made me say that**, and its been tough for us to find high quality, well made mesh items to fit him properly, and bada bing we found it. So fellas, if you are looking for some new gear, Ken & I highly recommend you stopping by Razorblade Jacket, located on the Depraved Nation sim [East of the Toxxic Sim].  How convenient, you can drop your girlfriends off @ AlterEgo and get yo shop on all @ the same time. Which brings me to what Im rocking … I kinda did some mix & matching from my store [AlterEgo]. My top is a new release, “Werd Mesh tops“, and there is like over 12 werds you can choose from. The hipster jeans Im wearing are like honestly, my favorite jeans in the whole damn store. They are ultra flared at the bottom, bc for some reason I like the cuffs to cover my feet, idk why Im nuts bc I love shoes, but yeh love these jeans. **pats self on the back** So enough of my blabber, you can see the fashion credits below for both of our looks, and then take yo ass shopping! Ladies grab your men!!!!! <3333 ~Toxxi & Ken

Click below for our goods!!! Aghh Ken’s mind is in the guttterrrr!!!!

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Gonna be your savior…

Hello my luvs! I have to admit something… I am a complete hair whore. Seriously, the addiction is bad, my inventory is out of control, and I need to hire someone to sort it for me 😛 My poor partner Saint was feeling neglected so I let him find some inspiration for my pic, isn’t he a hottie?! Turns out there was this fashion show called “Sent to Destroy” featuring HOD, TabIeau Vivant, and Glam Affair, all which had some amazing new releases we raided. TabIeau Vivant’s new skin Ryan and new eyes are drooltastic! I found another new hair that -almost- got lost, Flourish by Magika (loveeeeeee it!) Pepper released this awesome belt for the Yolo Hunt which is a must have. On a side note, Summer Festival is going on and some hot makeups you just -have- to check out! Ok, I think I am done rambling, on to the good stuff!


Gonna be your savior


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If it takes forever, I will die trying…

Hello darlings! I got some new releases and awesome bargains I couldn’t resist 😛 First, I just have to warn you, I had a hairgasm when I saw Ploom had released 2 new hairstyles and added some additonal color packs. It’s a hair-whore’s DREAMMM! AlterEgo released some cute mesh lashes and the emo in me couldn’t help but grab the new emo headband from Dirtyland.

Secondly, for those dark souls like me, there is a monthly event called Horror Haute, featuring items in some way or another classified as horror: gore, blood, monster, supernatural, or ultra screaming violence. Since I can’t seem to pass up a good bargain, I had to grab a few items from it, I think I will definitely keep this event on my watch list!



If it takes forever, I will die trying xo

If it takes forever, I will die trying


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Tears from the moon

((listen)) Today Tart released these cute lil vest, available in several colors and textures (see below)  Owww also [NV] released some new baggy shorts, they come in array of colors and belts that coordinate with that specific shorts you buy.  I mixed the white belt from the pink shorts in my look xP Mr. Lapiky is working on a new skin BENTO and its amazing *o* so be on the look out for that 🙂


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Last night in Moscow

((listen)) We decided to co-blog today ^^ gotta show the sexiness off eh? bahahah

(click pics to enlarge)

On Lapik:

*Eyes : -Sorry.Asia– Whisper to me (black)
*Skin : -Sorry.Asia- KYLE (DEEP TAN) La Venta Eventa
*Tats : __Para Designs__ Mehndi Light (Undershirt)
*Plugs : -Sorry.Asia- Plugs (Black) (upcoming)
*Shorts : !ZB: Edah Shorts (black)
*Beard attachment : *Plume* – LJ Attachment Option 1 – BLACK
*Tank : .:villena:. – Yeezy Tshirt NEW!
*Piercing : .Pekka. Splint Piercings UNISEX
*Sandals : [Pumpkin]Flip-Flops -For Bloggers
*Brow piercing : Cobrahive – Brow Horn
*Hair : MADesigns HAIR ~ TREVOR ~ Dark Brown
*Bracelets : Spirit Store Cama breacelets

On Whisper:

*Chest Tattoo: .:: Delusions ::. Heroin
*Skin: [Al Vulo! Skin] – [ Vero ] – [ bronze ]
*Cuffs: *BLITZED* Legacy Cuffs – black
*Shoes: Resurrection Platform Boots(Laced & Strapped)
*Lip gloss: -Sorry.Asia- Taste It (Lipgloss)
*Hair: Analog Dog – tea dark
*Collar: BlackStar Inc. ~Choker~ the bow II
*Gloves: [GLUE INK] Ree Gloves (White Lace)
*Ears: (pera) – Droopy Ears
*Dress: :[P]:-LunglessSymphony-BlindingLight/WingsofAngels
*Tattoo: [GLUE INK] Tear Me Apart Tattoo Bloggers
*Tights: Izzie’s – Patterned Tights II LEGGINGS
*Leg garter: ~Pepper~  Summer Garter Weapon NEW!

Girl you are a beauty, well I am a beast

((listen)) Oh looksie – Mr. Lapik came to pay me a visit and decided not to be lazy today 😀 Thank you lapikyyyy ❤ After shopping for hours, because you know men are so much worse then women are, its totally true.  I took him to this grunge type sim, very awesome – you can visit it HERE.  Btw, this new KIK hair @ the hair fair is AMAZEBALLS!

POSES Apple Spice – Handbag Static Poses NEW!

On Whisper:

• SHIRT RONSEM* Y Back Shirt / black
• JEANS {paper.doll} XtraLowDenim-Grey
• SKIN [Al Vulo! Skin] – [ pollon ] – [ fatpack tan ] NEW!
• BELT<TheAbyss> FM_NAU_Combat_Belt
• NECKLACE Fet!sh – BDSM Ring-Sation – Collar – Black Rubber
• GLOVES [GLUE INK] Ree Gloves
• CHEST TATTOO .:: Delusions ::. Love me for me NEW!
• PELVIS TATTOO .:: Delusions ::. Love me or Hate me NEW!
• LASHES -Sorry.Asia–  Eyelashes -10-
• BRACELETS SiniStyle J Bracelets
SHOES – *Resurrection* Platform Boots (Laced)
• HAIR –[kik]hair-Fine(black-dark) @hairfair

On Lapik:

HAIR : [NSD] Rufus Cap Hair/Espresso @hairfair
SKIN : -Sorry.Asia- Tokio (Renew) (upcoming)
EYES : -Sorry.Asia- No Regrets eyes (forest) (upcoming)
Beard attachment : *Plume* – LJ Attachment Option 1 – BLACK
FACE PIERCING : .PEKKA. Splint Piercings UNISEX (NEW!!!)
EarPlugs: ~Pepper~ Plugs
T-Shirt : AOHARU_BT_DrapeNeck_T-Shirt_Border/Black
Pants : Spirit Store – Chio baggy jeans male black
Tattoo 1: Para Designs – Mash Up Tattoo
Tattoo 2: ::DelusionS:: Whisper Was Here
Flip-Flop : [Pumpkin]Flip-Flops -For Bloggers
Bracelets : Spirit Store Cama breacelets

Newness @ .:: Delusions ::.

TP TO .:: Delusions ::.