.peaches. is proud to support the LA Asuncion Photo Contest!

.peaches. is proud to support the LA Asuncion Photo Contest!

La Asuncion Photo contest is sponsored by: Besom, mistique, fiasco, wimey, comsic dust, peaches, and Hextraordniary .

Must be an approved member within La Asuncion in order to qualify. No more than 3 entries per applicant. Picture MUST be named “(Avatar name)-La Asuncion Contest (1,2 or 3)” and posted to the La Asuncion Flickr Group.

1st prize winner will receive: 1,000L Giftcard from Besom, 500L giftcard from Mistique, 1,000L giftcard from Fiasco, 500L giftcard from Cosmic Dust, 500L Giftcard from Peaches, and 1 year of free releases from Wimey, as well as a free Four Gargoyle Fountain from Hextraordinary. Winner will also recieve a 1 month free car rental, and 2 weeks free rental (valued at 100 prims) for two weeks.

Second Prize winner will recieve a 2 week 100 prim rental in La Asuncion, and 1 month car licence. Third prize winner will receive a 1 month free car rental in La Asuncion.

For more information, please visit the website at: asuncionrp.enjin.com/ and visit our sim maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Draconia/98/124/2503