Never Look Back

((listen)) owwww its me again :3 twice in one workday omgah!  But really I’m behind and trying my best to find time between RL and SL to bring you goodies but this is the last one until I have time again ❤ so have fun shopping.  Btw You gotta listen to that song, its amazeballs! VILLENA released an array of new vest/shirts combinations – really awesome imo.  They have several shirt textures/designs available for your choosing.  DRD also released some new boots – now I will say YES try a demo (hopeully they have a demo) because they are semi big/wide looking.  But well they fit well with the grunge look 😀

Never Look Back

Never Look Back


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You take the breath right out of me

((listen)) Happy Humpday my luvs – today BC released another amazeball of a dress xD Its like what a dress would look like if it were too tight on you or one size too small, cept you can totally work this look here inworld lol  Luvs it – And the oh so amazing Analog Dog released a couple new hairs – below is one of their newest releases “Madison” it comes with shoulder prims to add that long look – so beautiful *o*

You take the breath right out of me.

You take the breath right out of me.


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For just one second I felt whole as you flew right through me

((listen)) Today is Fifty Linden Friday \o/ and remember the seasons hunt is in full force and there is quite alot of awesomeness going around in that hunt!  BTW in the seasons hunt, you are looking for a TINY BEE for sale @ 0L!

• SHIRT {SMS} Cropped Lace Tank Magenta FLF 50L!
• SKIRT {SMS} Jeans High Waist Skirt Blue
• PURSE Le Poppycock *Spring sac* Blooms exploding-plucked NEW!
• SKIN .::Mother Goose’s::. Johanna
• SOCKS Pig – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – Rosemist
• GLASSES DECO – Swank Glasses – Coconut FREE! Seasons Hunt
• SHOES *Kookie* Armarda/ Dark Choc
• HAIRClawtooth: Easy Breezy 50L Friday NEW!

This kitten got your tongue tied in knots I see xD

((listen)) The creator of Hyper Culture (which has closed) has re-opened shop with a new store called KAZUO, which offers greatly detailed items such as the jackets I will post below.  TFG will be releasing new items this monday the /me counts the days on her finger…. urmm /me cheats and pulls out a calendar xD Okay… TFG releases a new line of deals starting Monday, April 11th \o/  You will be able to get Peppers newest released SNIPPET belt for super duper cheap x.O!!  Now thats an item you MUST NOT miss!


• SHIRT -SU!– Basic Top Red
• JACKET Kazuo – Jacket (Black) NEW!
• JEANS ** Tyra Jeans Washed Blue w/ Slim Cuffs NEW!
• SKIN Lara Hurley-Anya Pale NEW!
• HORNS *~*Illusions Horn *~*Aries Horns
• BELT – ~Pepper~ Snippet Belt for TFG! 4/11/11
• NECKLACE {SMS} Note Necklace Silver
• HOOVES [ P E R A ] Jean Hoof Leggings
• HAIR.ploom. Blacks – Ava



*New* Jane Releases

New releases by Jane – I’ll admit I LOVE HER WORK xD such pretty soft dresses, skirts, shirts *.*

Look #1

• DRESS JANE – hollie dress.salmon NEW!
• CARDIGAN JANE – blossom cardi.cream
• SKIN [Al Vulo! Skin] – [ Ninni ] – [fairy]
• NECKLACE JANE – floret chocolate NEW!
• SHOES – ETD Starley Pumps ((not avail))
• HAIR >TRUTH< RiRi – fudge

Look #2

• SHIRT JANE – babushka dolls.concord NEW!
• SHORTS DeeTaleZ Pants summer jeans shorts blue
• SKIN [Al Vulo! Skin] – [ Ninni ] – [fairy]
• NECKLACE ~Pepper~ Book Necklace
• HAIR (Posh) ; Narcissistic ; Midnight

Look #3

• SHIRT Be-Lo.Te – Black Dress
• JACKET {SMS} Knit Cozy Sweater Grey/Beige
• SKIRT JANE – tied ticking skirt.strawberry NEW!
• SKIN [Al Vulo! Skin] – [ Ninni ] – [fairy]
• NECKLACE – [BC] Heart Clock Chain Necklace
• SHOES Slink BeeBee Boots Tan
• HAIR LoQ Hairs” Iced Coffee Black Pack

You don’t need to bother. I don’t need to be, I’ll keep slipping farther

((listen)) Thankies Dodge <333 The Dressing Room Blue has a bunch of greatness, not to mention newness.  I went on a shopping spree as I always 😡 I’m gonna make this short and sweet – Check out the dressing room blue when u get a chance.

• SHIRT :OW: Tank Top Black Sheer Gift
• JACKET – Tee*fy Splashes Blazer TDR @ TDRB!
• SKIRT*Ninia* Lau skirt. NEW!
• SOCKSPig – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – White
• GLOVES La Malvada Mujer – i love Courtney Love 10L
• EARS[Acide!] ❤ Human Ears NEW!
• FACE TATTOO La Malvada Mujer – Cinema Muto #5 NEW!
• NECKLACE {SMS} Note Necklace Silver
• SHOES.: vive9 :. Pelaje Pumps in Sky @ TDRB 50L!
• HAIR [Shag] – Siren – Chic Limited

ACIDE released the ears below – they are well sculpted, come with a hud you can change colors to match you skin, including a resizer.  I love them 😀 Another new release by La Malvada Mujer, would be this awesome makeup/face tatoo you see below <333 Only 50L!

TP TO ACIDTP TO La Malvada Mujer

Action Hair Newness!

I’m tryin to catch up here, therefore no musika for now jijijij – Action has released a couple new hairs, available in various colors.  Brooke 2 is a caute long hair which is a second version to the previously released Brooke.  Last night I was able to stop at Milk Motion and picked up the previous 50L friday shirt 😀 me gusta!!  SMS has this lovely pink skirt up for grabs for this weeks 50L friday \o/

• SHIRT – (Milk Motion) My  flounced shirt ((Marie Lauridsen))
• SKIRT – {SMS} Jeans High Waist Skirt Pink FLF ((Irie Campese)) 50L!
• SOCKS – Pig – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – White ((Apatia Hammerer))
• SKIN– [Al Vulo! Skin] – [ Lalli ] – [milk] ((Hlin Bluebird)) NEW!
• NECKLACE – [W&B] Aemilia Necklace WEST COAST ((Twiggy Whippet)) 50L!
• SHOES – [IHS] Bows Bows Brown Suede ((Rachel Boram)) FREE!


So much to say…so little time

Haluu all 😀 I got a bunch of stuffies to show you, its a matter of how fast I can get them out to you!  First off I found this cute little shop called .::Censored::. they have some cute stuff everything your little heart desires for only 10L O_O whoaaa, yes 10L! Furthermore if you havent stopped by SMS lately (hahah go because its 50L friday too) you can pick up this cute little red belt for free!!!  Group gift – so join the group inworld, not the subscriber.  Magika :Q______ released this new awesome hair, /me drools – its so freakin adorable! I will blog here shortly about the newly released skin by Al Vulo /me fans herself – its been an exciting day in fashion for me.

• SHIRT – .::Censored::. Top Princess Pack ((Cindy Oysternatz)) 10L!
• SHORTS – .::cendored::.Short Cindy ((Cindy Oysternatz)) 10L!
• SOCKS – Pig – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – Unicorn ((Apatia Hammerer))
• BELT– {SMS} Wrap Belt Red GG ((Irie Campese)) FREE!
• SKIN– [Al Vulo! Skin] – [ Lalli ] – [milk] ((Hlin Bluebird)) NEW!
• FLOWER – [EY:NO] Sunflower Subscribe Gift ((Jasi Bailey)) NEW!
• SHOES – Atooly – GG Knit Cozies Grey ((rockstarroo GossipGirl))
• HAIR Magika // Blonde Pack // Tessa ((Sabina Gully)) NEW!

Do it again, and again till you say my name

((listen)) first song I heard today and its kinda sorta stuck on repeat lol Anything to do with Cataracs makes me moan :Q___ Anywho, This is a basic look for today – I have some plastik and Hucci newness coming in future post here today \o/  Grixdale has a Gacha machine for 25L you can get a tank top kinda like the one I have on below 😀  btw I freakin adore Pig’s socks <333

Special thankies to Kathya for providing me with this caute shape – I love her face :s

• SHIRT – Grixdale {Heather Tops}  Onyx ((Tyr Rozenblum))
SHORTS – -tb- Denim Cutoff shorts ((Julliette Westerburg))
• SOCKS – Pig – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – Black ((Apatia Hammerer))
• SKIN– [al vulo] – S-Vampy skin gift ((Hlin Bluebird)) FREE!
• NECKLACE – *SiSSi* Leash Silver Light chain necklace ((Sissi String))
• SHAPE – Marie – LAQ VILDA ((avail here))
• SHOES – {SMS} Lazy Boots Grey ((Irie Campese))