Bad and Boujee

Bad and Boujee

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You Found Me

((listen)) song is just so amazing *.* Hai Guys /me waves – I wanted to do a more “mature” looking post lol hence below – but really Im in love with it, I’ll bring u a couple more looks today but Im fascinated with this look below.  ZODIAC event began a new round on Friday, there you will find such designers as ADDICT, Essences, Exposeur and many more.

I am completely in love with this beautiful new mesh dress from ADDICT, which I paired with ESSENCES new skin and EXPOSEURS new poses all available at this round of ZODIAC EVENT.  If you are not aware of the event, its a monthly event to which a theme is chosen (obvi horoscope wise) and available at a discounted price!

When I saw there was a new round of TDR available which offered a FATPACK of purses/bags for only 70L i was like oh helllz yes, SCORE!  and yes you must go get your FATPACK TOO cause the purses are adorbs, includes lil magazines too lol.  TRUTH HAIR released a new style last week and yes Im just now bringing it to your attention, but thats okay better late then never.  Check out the gorgeous mesh hair below, you are able to attach a special hud to change the color of the bobby pins too.

Check out the new metallic nails brought to you by Izzie’s they are AWESOME! they come with several colors combinations and a special hud to change the colors.  More pics below after the jump!

You Found Me

You Found Me


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Before you kissed me and buried my hopes

((listen)) Owww was really excited when Garbage released their new album, this song was one of my favs ❤ Onto other news – SN@TCH released this adorable new dress, it comes in a packet of several soft colors and honestly its very well textured and sparkly :o! If you havent joined the sn@tch group you should, weekly it seems she puts out some really really REALLY good bargains for you to get your hands on.  They are also having a huge sale when you purchase a Giftcard 25%-50% off all gift cards!

I stopped by Amorous today and to my amazement they have a free GIFTIE for you, which are these badass bracelets sets on one of my wrists – so yes go get your free pack of bracelets.  GOSSAMER released a new set of earrings, in this set there are several different features (see below for more info) and lastly SCRUB will be taking part in this weekd GSP event and released a set of amazing new “puzzle” nails, see more after the jump.  Other then that dolls, I hope you have a great Saturday :*

Before you kissed me and buried my hopes

Before you kissed me and buried my hopes


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Bound at every limb by my shackles of fear

((listen)) <— one of my TOP 5 fav songs ever lol – alrighty so well its October, halloween is getting closer which means I can totally pull off the murderous, blood look without any judgements…right? LOL  GAH the Zombie Popcorn Hunt starts tomorrow and let me tell you so many badass things you can get your hands on!  The dress I’m wearing below is a ZPH from Paper.Doll *o* What I’m super duper excited to show you would be these new piercings from HOD.  I have one here in this posting and this weekend I shall post the other two new ones HOD has released :Q__  hope you enjoy ❤

Bound at every limb by my shackles of fear

Bound at every limb by my shackles of fear


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*NEW* YS&YS – Gloria skin

YS&YS released another brand new skin recently called “gloria”.  Gloria is beautiful, her lips highly defined and give that realistic look most of us search for.  With many options available for your choosing, you will be in that store for an hour atleast deciding xD  SLUT has new releases as well, scroll down to see!


In yet more newness <Slut< released its latest Lingerie called “Cutie Lingerie” many different colors are available, see below for some options – More color options in store!


It was only just a dream…….

KYOOT has a mayjuh sale going on for 50L friday – so major that the ENTIRE store of clothing is marked down to 50L for anything your lil heart desires O_O crazy eh?  Can we say……….DEAL xD I am in love with Toxic Kittys items, so very cute and very well graphically created <333

• SHIRT Kyoot – Self-Evident Tank – White 50L!
• JACKET ::TOXIC KITTY:: Bomber Jacket Brown NEW!
• PANTS ::TOXIC KITTY:: Unisex Pinstripe Jeans – Rustic NEW!
• SKIN *YS & YS* Alice – 07 Rhum NEW!
• BOOTS *YourShape* BigSur Boots Freedom <333
Exile Tempest/ Dark Browns NEW!


*NEW* YS&YS – Alice Skin

YS&YS has a couple new skins out – first skin I wanted to show you was the ALICE skin, with a fair complection and beautifully realistic lips, she is gorgeous *.*  There are many options available to you when you purchase your skin – as in, hair bases, breasts enhancement, brows :O!!  I would definitely stop by YS&YS to try a demo on today 😀


I hate the mornings cause I know what they bring

((listen)) So ya know, I got bored pretty much of ccs doubles…. grabbed my can O’spray paint and headed out tag some graffiti on some walls hihihi xP Action came out with a great pose set for us “artist” lol comes with a can of spray paint, a ladder to pose on, a ladder to hold in your arm, and a strap to hold all your cans of spray paint xD its so freakin cute.  Anyways the ladder does change texture colors ^^  I came across this shop called CLOWES and they have the freakin amazing shorts – I love the sculpted prim between the legs which makes it look like you have sagging pants heh.  Also if you go to Clowes they have a pair for FREE next to the group joiner – also if you join the group you get a FREE GROUP GIFT :O

p.s. I totally woke up extra early before work today so I could run to TFG and buy practically everything, omgah so many good things there for 50-100L you MUST GO THERE PRONTO!!!  for instance Pepper has a freakin cute belt for only $60L to which it normally runs 250!!! bargain – also AL VULO has an amazing :Q____ skin for only 50L! only availble at TGF – i will post later today but OMGAHH im too excited for this lol


As I was saying, later this evening I walked around scoping out a good spot to spray……

After a quite a bit of walking around I spotted the perfect blank canvas on a wall, put out my ladder and away I crawled up to begin my “artistic” view on the world…….

After about thirty quick minutes, turning my head to make sure no piggies aka police around several times throughout the night – my creation was finally complete xDDD

FINISIMO jijijiji /me stands back and admirers her work “gawww I am incredibly awesome” xD ahahaha hope u enjoyed now onto specifics

• ART SET: *Action Grafsky Street Art Set ((marilynmonroe.munro)) NEW!!

• SHIRT– *HolliPocket*Lacey Lowers Top-Ice Cubed White & Blue 75L NEW!
SHORTS – **CLOWES** OUCHI Half Pants Gray ((ageha clowes)) NEW!
• BOOTS –*League* Shin Boots ((Marek Helfer))
• BRACELET – MIEL TROUPE WATCH – bright ((Miel Nirvana)) NEW!
• SKIN– *YS & YS* Susan – Skin Fair 2011 Gift FREE!
• CHEST TATTOO – skindeep. love sucks TATTOO ((Kaylahh Anatra))
• PELVIS TATTOO – *HolliPocket*Maneater Tat ((holli thespian))
• BELT – *BLITZED* Legacy belt – Black ((eko Merlin))
• SUNGLASSES – Intrigue Co. – Sculpted Color Change Sunglasses ((Katharine McGinnis))
• EARRINGS – [ glow ] studio Mix Set TDRblue ((linka.demina))
• HAIR [kik]hair-kanaco C+D ((as001 Littlething))

Head under water now I can breath, it never felt so good

((listen)) So typically when I see one heck of a deal, I RUN to get it lol and when I was alerted by a deal from Fellini Couture – yeah I was there quicker then anything.  Fellini has a Valentines Hunt going on – where normally this highly expensive designer gown is alot more – I mean, look at it – its gorgeous.  Anywho – There are six hearts hidden around the Fellini – each one ranging from 150-450, which is a steal in all actuality.  Items in the hunt are – Dress, 3 Face Tattoos, Hair and a Necklace.

• GOWN – Fellini Couture- valentine gown box ((joy Fellini)) NEW!
• FACE TATTOO – Nuuna’s tattoo layer makeups v4
• GLOVES – (Simone!) Ring Mistress (outfit) ((Simone Stern))
• EARRINGS – Apple May Designs – Curious (part of outfit) ((Apple May))
• NECKLACE – *YS&YS* Afrika Set Silver ((Monyka Benelli))
• HAIR – *Plume* Valentine/Onyx (part of hunt) ((Fauve Beaumont)) NEW!

As You can see its a fun dress for Valentines season ^^ TP TO THE HUNT

Let’s Have a Rendez-Vous

((listen)) “lets go baby up to my room” xD There is so much newness and so many deals out today /me screams all girlie.  I love fridays :3 The dressing room has an entirely new collection /me drools – with a exclusive MONS skin!!! OMFGAH my entire purpose of this post was to scream that GOS released some exclusive PLATINUM BOOTS FOR ONLY 99L /me dies!  yes i need mouth to mouth PRONTO /me gasps!  They are only available at the newly opened DISCO DEALS!

• TOP– erratic / katy – bustier / black ((Erratic Rain)) NEW!
• PANTS – -SU!- Lace Leggins Black ((Eleanor Cyberstar))
• BELT – MIEL TROUPE BELT – natural ((Mika Nieuport)) 50L!
• BRACELETS – [MANDALA] 7LUCK Bracelet /Female ((kikunosuke Eel))
• EARRINGS – [glow] studio  FATALE EARRINGS round 3 colors ((Linka Demina))
• SKIN – MONS – Jita Skin TP TDR 79L!
• NECKLACE – *YS&YS* Afrika Set Silver ((Monyka Benelli))
• BOOTS – [Gos] DARE Booties in Platinum ((Gospel Voom)) 99L!
• HAIR – Exile Jenna/ Blacks ((Kavar Cleanslate))


Click HERE to TP to DISCO DEALS ((boots only avail here))