About Me

LOTD # 2746 (๑ →ܫ←)

Hey its me Whisper Mizin *waves*, I’m quirky, I’m fun and I’m full of fantasy and imagination. I’ve been in SECOND LIFE since 2007, I found my niche in the blogging world in 2010 and have built a good following base, based off social media platforms. I took a three year hiatus a few years back to focus on my rl career, once defining my career I felt it was due time to restart the blog process again.

I love taking photos, I love editing to the best of my knowledge and providing any help along the way I can to other beginner photographers / bloggers (please send a message if ya have a question)

I prefer Kawaii, cute looks vs the “normalcy” real life looks, hence you will typically find me in some kind of kawaii outfit, kawaii pastel colors or in some way or another emerging myself in a fantasy photo.

In the end – just have fun and do what you love and what brings you happiness ❤